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In this day and age, you no longer rely on books to get your information. But in reality, they are one of the most reliable sources of information that exists.

Here at The Hake, we regularly update our recommended books that may serve as a resource for you to learn about the casino market.

Casino Management: A Strategic Approach

by Kathryn Hashimoto

This book examines the casino industry through a business paradigm. It highlights the external environmental influences as well as the internal points of control that will help readers perceive the casino industry in a more strategic way.

We believe this will help you figure out how the casino market operates and the factors that affect their success. This will include factors such as the promotions and products of a casino business.

Casinos: Organization and Culture

by Chris Roberts

Casinos: Organization and Culture are designed to unveil the inner workings of a casino. It tackles gaming methods, marketing, organization, culture, and many more. It focuses on the market side of the casino except in the part where they talk about how each casino game works.

Each topic is covered in detail and it caters to both students as well as employees planning to enter the casino market.

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Casino Financial Controls: Tracking the Flow of Money

by Steve Durham

This book by Steve Durham focuses on helping managers and supervisors of casinos to advance their career in terms of casino management. Tasks such as managing expenses, reading financial statements, extending credits, issuing comps, and more are covered in this book.

It emphasizes the importance of having good financial control in the casino industry in order to be successful in the market.

The History of Gambling in America: Balancing Costs and Benefits of Legalized Gaming

by Kathryn Hashimoto

This book talks about the history of gambling in America, as the title suggests. It highlights how the casino industry, one of the places considered to be a safe haven of organized crimes, turned into one of the fastest growing industries around the world.

It also tackles how the gambling industry brought a change in society as well as the nation’s economy.

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Hospitality Management Learning Modules 

by Peter Szende, Andrew M Klebanow, and Alexander Koch

This book series covers a variety of topics, mainly catering to the needs of a casino manager. It talks about casino management such as entertainment, dining, and more. It also talks about the hospitality industry in more detail and not just in the casino perspective.