Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games on mobile devices, but it has a reputation for being extremely addictive and also technically difficult to play. This can make them hard to understand how they might be able to use blockchain technology in their game as well.

The “clash of clans sandbox pc download” is a game that allows users to play without restrictions. It is a sandbox, meaning the user can do anything they want and there are no limitations. The game has been released on PC, but it is not available in any other format.


Is there a sandbox for clash of clans?

In clan wars, sandbox mode is a wonderful method to prepare or rehearse an assault. You won’t have to expend any soldiers in this mode, and you may assault your friends’ or clanmates’ bases, or even arrange a vengeance attack. Don’t worry, as long as the Sandbox mode is on, you may assault as much as you like and it will not count in Clan Wars.

How do you put your town to the test in a clan war?

After picking the assault icon, there should be an extra option that reads “Base Test” or “Practice” in addition to “Find a Match” and the Goblin Campaign. This will enable you to use your own elixir to develop soldiers and test them against your own town.

Are you able to test your own COC base?

That is not conceivable if you wish to attack your own base. You may, however, challenge your clan members to assault it to discover where your defenses might be improved.

In Boom Beach, can you attack your own base?

Because of the matchmaking system, attacking your own base depends on what you have vs what other players have, particularly if your VP is greater than average. Furthermore, other players are not forced to assault your base in the same manner they would in a practice run (or even multiple runs).

Can you use clash of clans to target your friends?

Simple! Any member of your Clan may accept the Friendly Challenge and assault your preferred layout after it has been uploaded.

How long is the COC personal break?

4 hours

Do you ever lose soldiers in engagements with friendly forces?

Friendly Challenges are free and don’t require money, Troops, Spells, Heroes, or Traps to complete. You won’t get any resources, Trophies, or other rewards either. This will not effect your Trophies or Soldiers, so feel free to assault with whichever troops you have.

In Clash of Clans, how can I gift my buddy gold?

Before any player may send or receive gold/elixir, they must have a village for at least 14 days. Both players must be in the same clan and have known each other for at least 72 hours in the game (3 days). Every 24 hours, you may only contribute up to 8,000 gold and 8,000 elixir.

Is it possible to gain free gems in COC?

The Free CLASH OF CLANS GOLD and GEMS generator may be used to get Free GOLD and GEMS for CLASH OF CLANS. The GOLD and GEMS generator contains almost all of the available GOLD and GEMS for CLASH OF CLANS. Grab as much GOLD and GEMS as you can while they’re still accessible.

Is it possible to offer gold in COC?

Yes, every 24 hours you may contribute up to 8000 gold and 8000 elixir. In order to contribute gold and elixir in COC, you and the person to whom you are contributing must both have a village that has been active for at least 14 days. You must be in the same clan as the other player.

Is it possible to give diamonds in COC?

Gems are the game’s premium money, and they’re usually purchased with an in-app purchase. Only under specified situations may they be given to clan members. Supercell enables gamers to purchase gem bundles that contain prizes during limited-time events.

Is it possible to give loot in Clash of Clans?

Players may only contribute half of their total treasure in each loot area. If you do not contribute to others after asking once, your requesting timeframe will increase.

When the Treasury is full, what happens to the war loot?

The size of your treasury is determined by your Town Hall and Clan rank. The overflow resources will be lost if your Treasury is full and you are awarded with extra resources. If you press “collect” and your Storages are full, the remaining resources will remain in the Treasury and will not be lost.

Is it preferable to keep treasure in the clan castle?

Because clan castles have more HP than treasure storage, they will be more difficult to totally demolish, and they will only get loot after they have done so. If you don’t intend on using your prize right away, it’s better to store it in the clan castle.

What can you do with dark elixir?

Dark elixir is used to train and upgrade dark elixir soldiers, as well as to purchase and upgrade hero class troops. A Dark Elixir Drill is used to make or find Dark Elixir. Once you’ve reached Town Hall Level 7, you’ll be able to get them. Because Dark Elixir is uncommon, mining it takes time.

Is it possible to steal Treasury loot?

If an enemy totally destroys your Clan Castle, just 3% of the treasure kept in the Treasury will be taken, and if it is not destroyed in an assault, the attacker will not steal any loot at all. By tapping “Treasury,” you may see your saved wealth. You may also get the saved treasure from here.

Can you gather as many dark elixir drills as possible?

The dark elixir drill and storage are both unlocked at town hall level 7, as is the dark elixir drill. Level 8 will offer you two dark elixir drills, while level 10 will give you three.

Is it worthwhile to boost dark elixir drill?

Boosting a de drill without the 1 gem special is substantially less expensive than purchasing de, and it may greatly assist with the higher level hero upgrades. This is your greatest opportunity to recruit the individuals and clans you want! When you just have one gem to spend, everything is worth it. DE drill boost is more valuable than mines and collectors.

What is the best way to get dark elixir Treasury?

Extra dark elixir may be stored in your treasury. Clan battles, clan games, and star bonuses all provide riches for your treasury.

Which TH7 army is the best?

The Best army to take in TH7 are: 1) 18 Archers, 4 Gaints, 8 Wizards & 26 Hog Riders. Take 3 Heal Spells and as CC Troops also take high-level Hog Riders. 2) 8 Dragons & 4 Ballons with 3 Lightning Spells with High-level Dragon as CC Troops. These two are the best army to take in TH7 100% or 3 Stars Guaranteed.

What is the optimal offensive tactic for a th7?

Apply one fury to the core and two to the air defenses. The mass hog rider approach is another Townhall 7 method that is mostly employed against other opponents. In the Clan Castle, maximum dragons and fury spells (Level 2 and 4 respectively) are employed with (ideally) maxed balloons.

What is a GoWiPe assault, and how does it work?

The name GoWiPe is derived from the first two letters of the strategy’s key troops: Golems, Wizards, and P.E.K.K.A. The purpose of your assault is to use your golems as a meat shield to absorb damage while your wizards and P.E.K.K.A. demolish structures, heroes, and defenses in close proximity.