The million-player online game Black Desert Online has a new in-game currency called BDO which can be used to buy things including virtual items and real life products. This is the first time that an actual currency like this has been implemented into a video gaming world.

The “bdo worker guide 2020” is a video game created by ArenaNet that allows players to transport workers through the world. The game has been in development since 2009 and has been released on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Mac OS X.

Can you transport workers BDO?

BDO, are you able to transfer workers?

A worker cannot be transferred from one town to another. If they are linked by nodes, you may have them work in another town, but the worker will return to its original town after the task is completed.

In Velia, where can I find workers?

The Worker Supervisor is the person you need to locate in Velia. By clicking on the Worker Button, you may utilize the NPC button to locate him. By pressing the Contract Workers button (which costs 5 Energy), you may have a random worker rolled for you.

In the dark desert mobile, how do you terminate employees?

Getting rid of Employees Tap the Workers button in the command bar on your Camp menu (bottom screen) to bring up the Worker List if you need to dismiss a worker for any reason. Then, to see their individual metrics, press the magnifying glass icon. To fire a worker, tap the circle symbol.

In Black Desert Mobile, how do you employ workers?

Contribution points may be used to recruit personnel in your Pub. Once employees achieve the maximum level, you may promote them. Utilizing the [Workers] page, a worker may be promoted to the next grade by using Contribution points. The number of Contribution points needed to advance a worker varies by grade.

How can I acquire more BDO lodging?

To rent a property to use as a worker’s accommodation, follow these steps: Open the global map and choose the town where you want to stay. Choose a blue home and then the lodge option. When you accept the offer, the Contribution Points and a housing conversion charge will be deducted.

In Velia BDO, how many employees can you have?

The maximum amount of accommodations you may receive at Velia is 7, 6, plus one free one.

In BDO, what role does lodging play?

In Black Desert Online, finding a place to stay is simple. It just allows you to employ one or more people in that town. It generally costs 500 Silver Coins and 1 Contribution Point. A Bed and a Cooking Utensil are automatically provided to your wokers by the game.

What is the best way to acquire BDM contribution points?

2) Contribution Points: How to Get Them Receiving tasks from your camp is the quickest and simplest method to earn Contribution Points. A green exclamation mark appears on the heads of NPCs in your camp. Typically, these missions need the construction of structures or the trade of materials.

In Black Desert Mobile, how do you utilize food?

Providing food for your camp

  1. Make improvements to your food storage. Not only does this construction enhance your food storage capacity, but it also generates food at a consistent pace (10 food every 10 minutes).
  2. Create a Ranch. By completing the main plot and defeating the boss Orgoh, you will be able to construct a ranch.
  3. Plant something in your garden.
  4. Fishing.

In Black Desert Mobile, how do you collect eggs?

You may look for them via fishing.

  1. At the ranch, we’re collecting. There’s a possibility you’ll acquire a golden egg or a sack of wool for 500k apiece.
  2. Node Manager is a program that manages nodes.

Where can I get Black Desert Mobile livestock?

The following is a list of towns that have a Livestock Merchant:

  • Western Guard Camp, Balenos – Samuel
  • Velia Balenos – Wale
  • Melissa Brady, Serendia, Heidel
  • Glish, Serendia.
  • Delphe Outpost, Neutral Border Zone
  • Florin, Florin, Florin, Florin, Florin, Florin, Florin, Florin, Florin, Florin, Florin, Florin
  • Epheria, North Calpheon
  • Calpheon, Calpheon, Calpheon, Calpheon, Calpheon, Calpheon

In BDO, how do you raise cows?

Cattle farming necessitates the use of two fence slots. To get the cattle growing, you’ll need to make a Hay Stack out of 50 dried weeds. The haystack has been erected, and the cattle look to need around 8 hours to develop.

In the Black Desert, where can you get pets?

Shop for Pearls

What is the maximum number of free pets you may acquire from BDO?

3 pets


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