Demon is one of the most dangerous spirits in “Phasmophobia”; it is very hostile and aggressive and attacks players for no reason. But how can it be identified and save your life if this dangerous ghost is hunting you? Here are some of the best ways and tips for finding the demon and hiding from it.

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How to Identify the Demon

They are among the only ghost types that can hunt earlier than the standard 50 sanities. However, they have some weaknesses and can be easily detected using a Quija board. The reason why is that they will cause no sanity drops when a player gets a ghost response to a question.

You will need to gather fingerprints and ghost letters to identify the demon. The freezing temperature is also a sign the devil is there. If you find all three pieces of evidence, mark them in your ghost journal, and it will indicate a demon as the ghost haunting the map.

So, collecting evidence for this ghost type can be a long process, as you will have to bring your Ouija boards, cameras, thermometers with you, and lots of other equipment. That’s why you should try this game with friends. So, even if you prefer to enjoy Bet22 or other games, think about finding a demon in a team. You and your friends will gradually find this evidence and come to a reasonable conclusion as to what type the phantom belongs to; however, if you are wrong, prepare to die. To prevent the hunt, you need to use a crucifix and the Ouija board we have mentioned before.

How to Protect Yourself from the demon?

To protect yourself from the demon, the best way is to hide. Remember that the devil can hear you, so don’t make any noise. Don’t forget to turn off your flashlight as well. If you find yourself being chased, don’t worry, and drop it in a good hiding place. The demon can pursue you relentlessly, but once you run into the closet, turn off the lights and close your mouth, it will leave you alone.

And salt is your friend if you want to find a safe place. It won’t drive the demon away from killing you and your friends, but it will tell you where they will and won’t walk. Think of it as a way to help you find a haunted room or safe places to hide. If the salt pile has not been touched for most of the game, it will be a safe room to hide in.

Smudge sticks also delay the dangerous hunt of the ghost. Think of them as a quick band-aid for the inevitable. The trick is to buy a wand and a lighter at the store. As soon as you see a flicker of light or a ghost appear – or if you already know where the haunted room is – light it and drop it on the floor. This will buy you some time to hide before the end of the hunt phase. Ready for “Phasmophobia”?