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US Gambling Market

The gambling industry is a complicated manner, especially in its market side. There are matters that need to be taken care of and overall, the gambling industry market makes a total contribution of 137 billion US dollars to the United States’ economy. What’s more, the gambling industry is responsible for hiring over 730 thousand people, playing an important role in the nation’s employment rate. This is precisely why it is expected to grow, both in total gross as well as an employee contribution.

The United States is known for being the place most abundant with gambling infrastructures, especially with casinos since Las Vegas can be found in this country.

This also applies to sports betting as casino infrastructures are adopting sports betting in their business. This only tells us that the gambling industry is growing as time passes by.

The Hake | A Glance at The US Gambling Market

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The Hake is a reliable source of updates and news on how the gambling market in the United States is doing. This website specializes in the casino market rather than the gambling industry as a whole.

Our content caters for businessmen who are interested in entering the casino market as well as people who are simply interested in the United States casino market.

We keep our users up-to-date as we believe this may help them know the trends in today’s casino market and adjust their strategies and casino management accordingly.

Our Mission

Hake exists for people who are interested in the gambling market. We specialize in the casino side of the gambling industry as we provide information on several aspects of the casino market, such as how they profit and casinos that are known for being the big names in the market.

We provide information on casino management as well as rankings on the top companies on the casino market.

We believe this may help aspiring businessmen when entering the casino industry as the competition is tight. In order to be successful, one needs to be as knowledgeable in this subject as possible.


We provide information on casino restaurants, one of the highest-grossing infrastructures when it comes to the casino market. We believe their services are top-notch in the industry and every businessman should follow their example.


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We bring our readers innovations and means of entertainment that will help casino businesses, be it hotels or restaurants get in the top of the food chain, which we call the casino market.

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