OBS is a free and open source software tool for recording and streaming games. It can capture footage from nearly any platform that runs OBS, but it’s best used on PC or Mac because the hardware requirements are lower than those of other platforms. To record League of Legends with OBS you’ll need to download their game engine files which will install the necessary drivers in order to use their advanced video-capturing functions.

The “how to capture league of legends with streamlabs obs” is a question that has been asked many times. This guide will show you how to record League of Legends with OBS.

How do I record League of Legends with OBS?

How can I use OBS to record League of Legends?

Using OBS Studio to stream League of Legends in two scenarios

  1. To create a new scene, click the “+” button in the scene box and name it “League Lobby.”
  2. Create a new “Window Capture” called “League Client.”
  3. You may now add the rest of your stream’s components (webcam, alerts, overlays, etc.)

What is the best way to record my League of Legends gameplay?

User’s Manual

  1. While playing LoL, press “Win+G” on your keyboard to bring up the Game Bar.
  2. To begin screen capturing, click the “Record” button in the center of the recording toolbar.
  3. When you’re finished, press the “Stop” button. Then go to the “Gallery” section to discover the LoL video that was recorded.

How do you use OBS to record games?

Add a Game Capture Source Right-click in the Sources box and select Add > Game Capture. Select “Create New”, name the capture whatever you want to call it, and then click “OK”. Under “Mode”, select “Capture any fullscreen application” and OBS will automatically detect and capture full-screen games you play.

Why is my League of Legends screen surrounded by a red border?

When you hit the F9 key, this is what occurs. The mouse pointer will not leave the game since it is designed for multi-screen use. If you have this problem, just press F9 again, and you will be able to freely move the camera around.

Why isn’t OBS recording my game?

To repair your game capture source that isn’t functioning, follow these easy steps: Delete the capture source, then re-add it after restarting Streamlabs OBS as administrator. To force the capture to the game, use “Capture Specific Window” or “Capture Foreground Window with Hotkey.” Toggle the Anti-cheat hook on or off to see what happens.

How can I make OBS display capture work?

Step-by-step instructions for fixing OBS display capture #1

  1. In the search field, type “Graphics Settings” and press Enter.
  2. Click explore after ensuring that “App Preference” is set to “Classic App.”
  3. Go to “Local Disk C” > “Program Files” > “obs-studio” > “bin” > and finally “64bit”.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v 1MopOJqD4

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