This is a question about how Roblox’s privacy settings work in regards to who can see what someone is playing on their profile. You can view people’s “Favorite Games,” but not necessarily what they’re currently playing unless you are friends with them and have permissions to view it. If you want an answer without knowing the specifics of who, click here:
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The “roblox player game tracker” is a tool that allows you to see what someone is playing on Roblox without being their friend.

How do you see what someone is playing on Roblox without being their friend?

Without being their buddy, how can you know what they’re up to on Roblox?

Go to the Roblox main page. There should be a tab for buddies who are playing games together. If you don’t have many friends or if your buddy is the only one online, the first game is very always the one they’re playing. As I previously said, this only works if you don’t have a large number of friends.

Is it possible to transmit Roblox to a friend?

The first step is to ask the individual to keep certain goods for sale so that you may mail the Robux. The user must have a paid Builder’s Club account in order to do so. If the player has an account, have him/her design a piece of apparel and submit it to the catalog, along with the pricing and other details.

Is it possible for you to contribute Robux?

While you cannot just gift your buddy Robux, you may utilize the mechanism that other players use to “donate” the virtual money. Players looking for contributions often design apparel — generally a T-shirt dubbed a “donation” T-shirt — to sell to other players in return for Robux.

What is the best way to convert Robux into group funds?

The only method I know of to move your robux into your group money is to purchase a big number of tshirts, delete them, and then repurchase them. Roblox will keep 30% of the money for themselves, while the rest will go to your organization.

On Roblox mobile, how do you receive Group funds?

To add a group fund to Roblox mobile in 2021, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Roblox in a web browser.
  2. Please enter your username and password to access your account.
  3. After pressing Create, go to “Manage my games” and then “Group Creations.”
  4. Select “Game Passes” from the drop-down menu.
  5. After that, click Preview and then Verify Upload.

How long will Robux take to reach 2020?

It’s been 3 days (72 hours) since you made your purchase. This is a safeguard so that if someone is defrauded or hacked, they may contact Roblox and get a refund.

What is the average time it takes for Robux to arrive?

Game Pass robux are held in a pending state for up to seven days before being reimbursed to your account. Escrow is the term for this pending situation. Your pending sales may be seen by going to the Summary Transaction Tab. These monies will also be subject to a transaction charge, as with all sales.

What should you do if you purchase Robux but do not get it?

I Paid For Robux But Didn’t Receive It

  1. When making a purchase, double-check that you’re using the correct account.
  2. Check the history of your transactions.
  3. Make contact with your financial institution.
  4. Contact Roblox’s customer service.

Roblox takes how much Robux from Gamepasses?

If you don’t have Premium, you’ll pay a 90 percent marketplace charge on Robux earned from selling game passes and developer items. If you upgrade to Premium, the marketplace cost is reduced to 30%. As of today, this is no longer the case!

In Adopt Me, what is a Gamepass?

In Adopt Me!, gamepasses are various pets and goods. It can only be obtained via. Robux. For just $3.99, you may get 7 PC games. 97 percent savings

Do you receive 450 Robux every month if you pay for premium?

For $4.99, you may get 400 Robux, as well as 450 Robux every month Plus premium for $4.99 for a month.


The “why can’t i see what game my friend is playing on roblox” is a question that has been asked many times. There are many different ways to find out without being their friend.

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