A “Ref ID” is a character’s unique identification number. They can be found on the backs of various items in Skyrim, and are used as an identifier for some quests to track down specific NPCs.

The “skyrim ref id list” is a command that can be used to find the ID number of an item or character in Skyrim. The ID number is usually found next to the name of the object, and it can also be found on the item itself.

What is a ref ID in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, what is a ref ID?

The reference ID is a number assigned to NPCs in the game that is used to distinguish between numerous copies of the same basic NPC. It enables the placement of several copies of the same NPC around the environment without the need to generate separate duplicates (Bandit001; Bandit002, etc.)

What is my base ID Ref ID and how can I locate it?

If you can’t see or click the NPC you want to acquire the RefID for but know its name, enter “save funclist 1” into the console. It will open a txt file with every refID in your save game; just search for the name of the refID.

In Skyrim, where can I get my reference ID?

When you click the topic in question, the mod “MFG Console” simply shows you more information. Simply search for the NPC in question and get their reference ID in the text file that appears. It displays a text file after I performed it.

Is it possible to make Serena human?

Serana will no longer be able to give you with bloodcursed arrows, nor will she be able to transform you into a vampire if you choose to become human. Her eyes will return to their mortal blue state as well. Serana may be healed after you’ve been treated once more.

What is the location of my NPC ID?

If you activate the console while an NPC is visible, clicking on them will “select” them and show their id in the console’s top center. The ref id for MacCready is 0002a8a7. A complete list of character IDs (not only companions) may be found here. You’ll have to look for the companion’s name on the page.

What exactly are form IDs?

A form ID is an unsigned 8-byte long identification that the engine assigns to every item in games employing the Gamebryo engine (Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas) or the Creation Engine (Fallout 4 and Fallout 76).

What is the difference between a refid and a base ID?

The ID of the default entry in the editor is BaseID. You will always obtain the default, unaltered item if you put an item using its BaseID. RefID is the unique identifier assigned to each and every thing on the planet. As an example. If you have two Jarl Balgruufs, their BaseIDs are the same, but their RefIDs are different.

In Skyrim, where can I get my baseid and refid?

The BaseID and RefID are fixed for unique NPCs and explicitly placed animals or things, and are normally stated on relevant pages. Because their RefIDs vary at each encounter and for each item, non-unique things, such as randomly created monsters or treasure, will normally only have a BaseID.

Where can I get the right Skyrim ID?

You may discover the right ID from inside the game by opening the console and clicking on an add-on object, or by using the help command with an add-on specific item. The following are unique leading digits: 01 The Update module (Update.esm) often uses those IDs. ff This is how dynamically assigned IDs work.

What is the difference between base and reference IDs?

They’re mostly utilized with PC console commands, but they’re also important in game data. Base IDs and reference IDs (BaseIDs/RefIDs) are two different forms of Form IDs used to identify NPCs, monsters, and things in the game.


The “skyrim form id” is a unique ID that can be found in Skyrim. It is used to identify an object or NPC in the game, and help with quests.

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