You can’t change your age on Roblox, but you probably won’t be able to find any games that are targeted towards a specific audience and do not allow users under 18.

Roblox allows users to change their age under 13. However, if you are over the age of 13, there is no way for you to change your age.

Will Roblox allow me to change my age?

Is it possible to modify my age on Roblox?

It is not possible to adjust the age setting. Roblox is dedicated to ensuring that our users’ safety and privacy are protected. On the user’s 13th birthday, if the account’s birth date is valid, the privacy settings will change automatically to 13+.

On Roblox, how can I update my age if I’m under the age of 13?

While under the age of 13, Roblox does not enable you to change your age…. To modify your Roblox age, follow these steps:

  1. To begin, go to the Roblox main page.
  2. Click on “settings” in the upper right corner.
  3. Scroll down until “Birthday” appears. You will not be able to update your account age if you are under the age of 13.

Is it possible to play Roblox if you’re under the age of 13?

Account controls are optional; children of any age may establish a Roblox account without parental supervision. Roblox automatically sets tougher restrictions on accounts for children under the age of 13, but if there is no parent PIN, a child may modify them. Is it possible to generate money using Roblox?

What does Roblox account 13+ mean?

Items in the Avatar Shop with the 13+ tag () are only accessible to players that are 13 or older. These products are not available for trade or resale. Roblox offers hundreds of goods available for players of all ages, which you can browse or search for here.

Is it possible to alter your chronological age?

The simple answer is that you cannot alter your date of birth. You were born on the day you were born, and your birth certificate contains this information to confirm your identity. Changing your birth date on official documents might be considered a kind of fraud.

On Roblox, how can you adjust your age settings?

Go to the upper right corner of the Roblox website and choose Settings (Assuming you are on PC.) You can only modify your age on Roblox if you are at least 13 years old.

On Roblox, how can you alter your date?

You may simply alter it by heading to the top right corner of your screen and clicking on the little gear symbol. Go ahead and click settings when the drop-down option displays. You should be able to change the day, month, and year of your birth date from there.

Is it possible to modify our age?

By definition, age is merely a measure of how long something has been around – nothing more. One cannot modify one’s age since one cannot go back in time. According to the second view, altering one’s age in practice entails changing one’s date of birth on identity papers.

On Roblox, how do you modify the chat settings?

Log in to Roblox using your username and password. On the black bar at the top of the screen, click the “Account” button. 2. To activate your chat preferences, go down to “Chat Settings” and pick “All Users,” “Best Friends,” or “Friends.” To finish the procedure, click the “Update” button at the bottom of the screen.


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