The Thalmor are the primary antagonists in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Their army of Elves, Orcs and other creatures will fight for their cause to control Tamriel. If you want to join them, read on.

The “Skyrim can you join the Thalmor” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to this question is no, but it’s still fun to try.

Can you join the Thalmor Skyrim?

Are you willing to join the Thalmor Skyrim?

The good news is that you don’t need any modifications to burn down the Thalmor Embassy from the back of an old dragon. Thanks! Is this a PS4 mod? Unfortunately, without modifications, there is no way to join them.

Is the Aldmeri Dominion the same as the Thalmor Dominion?

The Thalmor is the ruling council of the Third Aldmeri Dominion as of the Fourth Era. The Thalmor, as Delphine explains, are Altmer nationalists who want to abolish the Empire and human supremacy. They also claim to be the ones that brought the Oblivion Crisis to a close.

Is it possible for Dragonborn to defeat Aldmeri Dominion?

In a defensive battle against the Thalmor, the Dragonborn might keep Skyrim exceedingly competitive. In a defensive battle, the Stormcloaks might destroy the whole realm with the Dragonborn.

Is Morrowind a part of the Dominion of the Aldmeri?

Aldmeri Summerset Isles, Elsweyr, and Valenwood are all part of the Summerset Isles Dominion. Morrowind, Black Marsh, Argonian State Hammerfell and Skyrim* are two independent provinces.

In Skyrim, which faction is the greatest to join?

The Most Valuable Factions in Skyrim

  1. The Thalmor is the first. Everyone recognizes the nasty Thalmor group as the main danger, but they are too distracted with one another to act.
  2. The Volkihar Clan is number two.
  3. The Dawnguard is number three.
  4. Psijic Order No. 4
  5. The Forsworn is number five.
  6. The Guild of Six Thieves
  7. Greybeards number seven.
  8. Brotherhood of the Dark.

What is the goal of the Aldmeri Dominion?

The Aldmeri Dominion aspires to rule the whole planet. They want to conquer the whole globe.

Is the Aldmeri Dominion really superior than the Empire in this regard?

Basically, if the Empire falls, the ADs will take over the whole west of Tamriel in no time, and the Argonians will be the only ones remaining, though I must say I don’t know much about them. Invading Hammerfell by the Aldmeri Dominion, in my opinion, was akin to the Third Reich invading Russia or the United States fighting in Vietnam.

What was the location of the Aldmeri army in Skyrim?

One army, led by General Decianus and consisting of Hammerfell legions, was concealed in the Colovian Highlands near Chorrol. During the Battle of the Red Ring, we find that General Decianus was personally engaged in the retaking of the Imperial City. In the end, Cyrodiil’s main Aldmeri army was entirely decimated.

Hammerfell’s escape from the Dominion is a mystery.

Hammerfell did not “defeat the Dominion” on his own or in any other way. Over the course of five years, the Redguards fought the rest of the Dominion’s already depleted invading army to a halt before signing a peace pact that allowed the Dominion to flee.

Taneth hid outside of Aldmeri land for a reason.

Without the help of people, particularly aristocratic ladies, who may or may not have privy to military secrets, the Aldmeri have always been able to win battles. Why would she stay outside of Aldmeri land if she was the one who brought Taneth down?


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