Camilla is a red haired Nord girl who can be found in the Dawnstar Sanctuary. She has no family, but she’s not quite as innocent as she may appear.

“Can’t marry camilla skyrim” is a question that has been asked by many players of the game Skyrim. There are no official responses from Bethesda, but there are some in-game events that may lead to this answer.

Does Camilla cheat on you Skyrim?

Is Camilla a cheater in Skyrim?

If Faendal is still alive when you marry Camilla Valerius, she will cheat on you. If you fast travel to the home she lives in, you may sometimes witness Faendal leave after paying her a visit. Even if you don’t reside in Riverwood, he’ll pay you a visit.

Is it possible for me to marry Camilla Skyrim?

Camilla lives in Riverwood and works at the Riverwood Trader alongside her brother. She was a part of the “The Golden Claw” task I finished early in the game, so she was quite intrigued when she saw me wearing the “I Wanna Get Married” amulet. You may marry anybody who meets the requirements, regardless of color, gender, or age.

Is it possible to marry Camilla Valerius as a woman?

Don’t be a stranger” (she doesn’t utilize speech with female characters, although she may still marry a woman). Once you’re in her good graces, all you have to do is put on your Mara amulet and you’re ready to go.

Is it possible to kill Faendal in Skyrim?

You have the ability to murder him. During my first few playthroughs, he perished.

Is Faendal safe from harm?

Read the section on npc protection to see why Faendal appears to be eternal. You or certain damage kinds (such as poison) may kill followers tagged as protected, and they will do the identical thing when their health is low. Characters like the dark brotherhood initiates, on the other hand, cannot be killed at all.

Who is the finest Skyrim follower?

The most dedicated Skyrim fans

  • Lydia is the first. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
  • 2) Aela the Huntersssssssssssssssss Long before the Dragonborn blundering through Jorrvaskr, Aela was a capable fighter as a high-ranking Companion.
  • Barbas are a kind of barbacoa.
  • 4) Mjoll the Lioness is a female lioness.
  • 5) J’zargo is a character in the game J’zargo.
  • Annekke Crag-Jumper is number six on the list.
  • 7) Serana DLC (Dawnguard).
  • 8) DLC for Teldryn Sero’s Dragonborn.

What exactly is a serana Ref ID?

xx002b74 is the Serana reference number. (The xx in my installation is ’02’) moveto player prid 02002b74 prid 02002b74 prid 02002b74 prid 02002b74 prid 02002b74 prid 02002

Where can I repurchase Faendal?

Faendal resides in the town of Riverwood, so pay a visit there. He’s usually seen hauling wood back and forth near the lumber mill, or even at his home (near Ralof’s friend’s house, at the rear of town). If you can’t locate him, give it a few hours or days and he may show up.

How can you entice Faendal to join you as a follower?

It’s part of a Riverwood mini-quest. Sven will instruct you to give over a letter to Camilla Valerius that he wrote as bogus evidence that Faendal is yet another pompous elf. Tell Camilla that Sven forged the letter, and she will refer you to Faendal, who will then become a disciple.

Is it possible for you to marry Camilla Valerius?

Camilla Valerius is the sister of Lucan Valerius, the proprietor of Riverwood Trader in Riverwood, and an Imperial pawnbroker. If her feelings for you are strong enough, she may marry you, granting you full access to the Riverwood Trader. …

Why do my Skyrim followers keep disappearing?

When a follower vanishes for no apparent reason, one of three things has happened: they’ve died. Sorry. If you want your belongings, you’ll need to figure out where they died.

What happens if you can’t locate your Skyrim follower?

There are two responses. Try saving, resuming, and reloading the game if you’re using a console (use a new save slot). You may also try going quickly to another place; your followers should follow you even if they are not in the immediate vicinity. Another alternative is to search from your own house.

Lydia perishes in Skyrim?

Lydia, unlike some other followers, is not required (immortal) and may be slain without your knowledge.

Are Lydia’s adversaries capable of killing her?

Yes, unless they’re really necessary. Yes, however it’s really tough since they have a recuperation period during which adversaries do not aggro them.

Is it possible for Lydia to die after you marry her?

Yes, she has the ability to die. You won’t be able to marry again if she does.

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