Destiny 2, the popular first-person shooter from Bungie and Activision, is now available for PC. However, there can be a few bumps in the process of converting your Xbox One copy to PC. Here’s how it all went down yesterday morning on Reddit:

Destiny 2 is a video game that was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you have already bought the game on one platform, it will not be necessary to buy it again on another platform.

Do I have to buy Destiny 2 again for PC?

Is it necessary for me to repurchase Destiny 2 for PC?

DLC, such as expansions, the Annual Pass, and seasons, will be exclusive to the platform on which you bought it. You’ll have to buy it again on other platforms if you want to watch it on them. This includes Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light expansions, as well as any Annual Passes.

Is it necessary to reinstall Destiny 2 in order to play Beyond Light?

The impending Beyond Light update for Destiny 2 will shrink the game’s total size, but it will need a complete reinstall. Bungie stated today that the content packaging and patching process for Destiny 2 has been overhauled for speed and install size, resulting in a smaller game.

Where can I get a copy of Destiny 2: New Dawn?

You can try [&Destiny&] 2 New Light for [&free&] on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It also supports the new [&Destiny&] 2 cross save feature, so if you start playing on one platform and decide to move to another, you’ll be able to bring all of your Guardians with you.

What can you do in Year 2 of Destiny 2?

The Forsaken expansion and the three-part Annual Pass made up Destiny 2’s second year. New Light includes the key activities from the Annual Pass. The Black Armory Forges come first. These are horde scenarios in which you may complete multi-step bounties to create specialized weapons.

When you erase your saved games, do you keep them?

Your game and the stored data for your game are two separate files. I suppose you can view them both in game management on your X1… Your game saves will remain if you merely remove the game file itself and leave the game save data alone. Yes, the save file should always be kept.

In Destiny 2, what are the new raids?

The Leviathan, the Eater of Worlds, and the Spire of Stars, all of which were introduced in Year 1, are included in New Light. These are ancient raids, but the armor they drop will still be useful owing to the new Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 system.


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