This is the easiest way to make a borderless League full screen.
You will need one of these programs:
– ScreenShot Captor (PC)
– VLC Media Player

The “how to make lol client full screen” is a question that has been asked many times before. There are two options for this: either you can use the “F11” key, or you can change your resolution.

How do I make my borderless League full screen?

What’s the best way to make my borderless League full screen?

To open the Settings window, use “Esc.” Select “Video” from the drop-down menu. Instead of “Fullscreen” or “Borderless,” choose “Windowed.”

How can I make my league borderless?


  1. Begin the game. To open the Settings window, use “Esc.”
  2. Select “Video” from the drop-down menu. Instead of “Fullscreen” or “Borderless,” choose “Windowed.”
  3. Restart the game. Using the key Alt+Enter, you may switch between fullscreen and windowed modes while playing.

Why isn’t League of Legends available in full screen mode?

Use the LoL Windowed Mode to get the most out of your game. To launch the Settings window, use the Esc key. Pick the Video tab, then select Full Screen from the Windowed Mode selection box. Wait a few moments for the changes to take effect. Confirm your decision.

What’s the best way to get out of this borderless window?

Go down to WindowMode and change the value from WindowMode=1/WindowMode=2 etc and change it to 0. > File > Save. Make sure to reload your game. This disables Windowed mode and fixes Borderless because it now enables you to switch from Borderless to Full Screen.

Is it true that being borderless has an impact on performance?

Windowed Mode with No Borders It combines the advantages of having your game fill up the whole screen with the ease of being able to quickly switch to another monitor. However, since it’s windowed mode, Windows continues to execute background tasks. This might have a negative impact on performance.

Is League of Legends available in full screen mode?

League of Legends, like many other games, may be switched from windowed to fullscreen mode by hitting alt + enter at the same time.

Is it possible to play League of Legends in full screen mode?

To switch to full-screen mode while playing the game, just press the escape key until the menu appears. Greetings, summoner, you are now playing League of Legends in full-screen mode.

Why is fullscreen preferable than borderless mode?

When you run a program in fullscreen mode, Windows gives it complete control over the screen’s output. Fullscreen mode, as compared to borderless windowed mode, has the potential to improve performance if a game is tuned for the system and monitor being utilized.

How can I get fullscreen without using the F11 key?

If you’re in full screen mode, move your cursor to the top of the screen to see the Navigation Toolbar and Tab bar. To exit full screen mode, click the Maximize button in the upper right corner, right-click an empty space on a toolbar, and choose “Exit Full Screen Mode,” or press (fn +) F11.

Why do I play League of Legends without any borders?

When I play League of Legends, I often utilize Google to look up statistics, such as those in this post, and as a result, I play in borderless mode so that I can use all three of my displays.

Why does League of Legends’ full-screen mode flicker?

Please come back later and try again. If your League of Legends game is flickering on full screen and normal in border-less mode, there are a few things you can do. Then, under the Xbox Game DVR, disable game recording. Another option is to turn off fullscreen optimizations for.exe files with League in their names. here is a video

What can I do on my PC in borderless mode?

On the middle screen, I’m usually playing a game, on the right screen, I’m watching a movie (Netflix), and on the left screen, I’m either blogging or doing other nice stuff. However, I’ve lately discovered that when I play all of my games in borderless mode, my FPS drops to roughly 15 frames per second.

Why isn’t League of Legends functioning on my computer screen?

This problem is caused by your display, not your GPU. Please follow these steps: – Make sure LoL isn’t running. – Go to your League of Legends config folder: “C:Riot GamesLeague of LegendsConfig”. – Use notepad to open “game.cfg.” This is how you finish it:


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