The Elder Scrolls series is one of the best selling point and click adventure games, commonly referred to as “Skyrim” or just Skyrim for short. One can earn money by chopping wood with an axe in-game.

Skyrim is one of the most popular video games in history. One way to make money in Skyrim is to chop wood. The “how to chop wood in skyrim without stopping” will tell you how much money you can make chopping wood.

How much money can you make chopping wood in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, how much money can you earn by cutting wood?

On the conventional time scale, 150 pieces of firewood may be chopped in 15 real-time minutes, at a pay rate of 3000 gold every real-time hour.

Is a wood chopping block available in Markarth?

Yes, there isn’t any. I recall taking all the dwarven scraps from Markarth and having to go to Riverwood for a wood chopping block when I used to grind for smithing. I made arrows out of firewood.

In Skyrim, who buys firewood?

Firewood should be sold to Hod or Gerdur in Riverwood, who manage the lumber mill. They’ll pay you 5g for each piece of Firewood. Indeed!

In Skyrim, how much is firewood worth?

Each wood chop yields two pieces of wood, each of which is worth five gold and weighs five pounds.

In Skyrim, where can you get a wood-cutting AXE?

Riverwood – There are three recognized places in Riverwood:

  1. Riverwood Lumber Mill — One may be found behind the mill on a table.
  2. Faendal’s House – Near the fireplace, beside the pile of wood.
  3. The residence of Alvor and Sigrid – Located in the basement of the house.

In Falkreath, who do I sell wood to?

Simply go to an inn in the vicinity and ask the innkeeper to sell the firewood.

Is there a lumber mill in Falkreath?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Deadwood Lumber Mill is a lumber mill in Falkreath.

Is there a mill in Falkreath?

The Deadwood Lumber Mill is situated in Falkreath, along the river, near Dengeir’s House. Bolund runs the mill and sells logs if Hearthfire is installed.

In Whiterun, where may I cut wood?


  • Two can be found in Whiterun, one in front of The Bannered Mare and the other behind Belethor’s General Goods.
  • One may be found near the blacksmith in Riften.
  • One may be found in Windhelm, between Candlehearth Hall and the marketplace area, in an alleyway.
  • One may be found near the Windpeak Inn agricultural plot in Dawnstar.
  • One may be found in Falkreath, near Dengeir’s House, beside the river.

In Skyrim, where can I acquire wood for my house?

Mills of Lumber

  • West of Windhelm is Anga’s Mill.
  • Falkreath’s Deadwood Lumber Mill
  • Haafingar’s Dragon Bridge Lumber Camp.
  • Falkreath Hold in Lake Ilinalta, Half-Moon Mill
  • Lake Honrich, Heartwood Mill, The Rift
  • The Rift, Ivarstead’s timber mill.
  • Eastmarch’s Mixwater Mill.
  • Hjaalmarch, Morthal’s lumber mill.

In Skyrim, where is Faendal’s home?


Is it possible for Faendal to die as a follower?

Even whether the body is that of a bandit, dragon, or other monster, Faendal will not look through it. “Can’t do that….Follower,” he’ll say.

Stats of Faendal
Level 6–30
Health 92–292
Magicka 50
Stamina 83–243

Is Faendal invincible?

Faendal the Immortal is a character in the game Faendal the Immortal. Faendal is a non-essential character who may die from a variety of causes.


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