Fortnite is a wildly popular game that has been in the top 10 on Steam for most of 2018. As a result, demand for Fortnite Skins has skyrocketed, with players willing to pay as much as $1,000 USD just to have an avatar that they can use. With no regulation and practically no control over who makes these skins or where they come from, this unregulated market presents risks both by way of fraud but also because people may not be able to tell if what they are buying is real or fake.

It is legal to sell fortnite Skins, but it is not legal to sell your account. The price for an account is usually around $20. Read more in detail here: sell fortnite account.

Is it legal to sell fortnite Skins?

Is selling Fortnite skins legal?

Selling your Fortnite account is against the law… That is not to suggest, however, that it does not occur. “You may only access Fortnite using your own account,” the Terms of Service declare flatly. Users do not own their accounts, and it is forbidden to gift or otherwise transfer accounts or access keys.”

Is buying a Fortnite account a bad idea?

Purchasing a Fortnite account is an absolute no-no. At the absolute least, you’re making a decision that is against Epic’s TOS and might result in you being suspended or prohibited from playing the game in the future.

Is it possible for me to get banned for purchasing an account?

Unfortunately, the rules of service that every Fortnite user agrees to expressly prohibit the sale or transfer of accounts, with a banhammer for anybody who tries to do so. The Terms of Service are quite explicit on this point, stating that “you may only access [Fortnite] via your own account.”

Where can I get the greatest deal on a Fortnite account?

What is the best place to sell a Fortnite account? is interested in purchasing any and all valued Fortnite accounts. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re looking to sell Fortnite accounts. We do business in a perfectly secure way, and when you have sold an account with us, we will pay you by PayPal or Skrill, depending on your preference.

Is it possible to sell Fortnite accounts?

Is Selling Fortnite Accounts Legal? Gifting or transferring accounts or any form of access credentials is banned under the Epic Games Store’s Terms of Service. This is also in line with the Fortnite EULA, which emphasizes and strongly discourages selling, renting, or leasing your account.

Is it possible to swap games on Epic?

Yes, but if you haven’t already, you’ll need to validate your email and activate two-factor authentication (2FA).

Is it possible to give v-Bucks to a friend?

While you can’t directly give another player V-Bucks, you may help them get their Fortnite dose by purchasing a gift card for their preferred platform or a bundle with particular content.

Is it possible to transfer games between Epic accounts?

The Epic Games Store does not allow you to give games as gifts; you can only buy them for yourself. Once you buy a game, it’s connected to your Epic Games account and can’t be shared until another Epic Games account is used.

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