The best DPS class in wow Shadowlands is the mage. The most damaging spells are polymorph, fireball and shadow bolt.

The “best mythic plus dps shadowlands” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is not easy to find because there are so many classes in World of Warcraft.

What is the best DPS class in wow Shadowlands?

In WoW Shadowlands, what is the greatest DPS class?

Shadowlands: Castle Nathria’s Highest DPS, Ranked

  • Arms/Fury Warrior, Outlaw Rogue, 4 B+ Tier
  • Frost Mage, Elemental Shaman, and Havoc Demon Hunter are among the B Tier characters.
  • Retribution Paladin, Arcane Mage, and Enhancement Shaman are all on the C+ tier.
  • Subtlety Rogue, Feral Druid, and Frost Death Knight are all in the C Tier.
  • 8 Below C: Assassination Rogue, Destruction/Demonology Warlock, Survival/Beast Master Hunter.

Is it true that Arthas assassinated Illidan?

Arthas beat Illidan in TFT’s Undead Campaign’s Final Cinamatic!

Is Sylvanas a bad person in World of Warcraft?

Dethrone God by attacking him. We now know that Sylvanas has been working with the Jailer, a brand-new World of Warcraft villain, as of Shadowlands. He and Sylvanas have formed an evil death-related masterminds’ alliance, which includes Legion’s Helya.

Is Sylvanas a decent person?

Sylvanas is still on the good side, but she is doing all she can to get vengeance on those responsible for her fate/Quel’Thalas, even if it means going to extremes. So she wanted LK dead, and when it occurred, she tried suicide since she had gotten what she wanted.

When Sylvanas died, what did she see?

To summarize, she just had a glimpse of the Maw before she was judged. Perhaps the Jailer detected her there and sent his fallen Valkyre to seal the deal. (At the conclusion of the feature trailer, we see Dark Valkyre circling the two.)

Is it true that the Lich King assassinated Sylvanas?

The Lich King was not killed by Sylvanas. She shattered the curtain between the living, “material” world and the Shadowlands, the place where mortals go when they die, by destroying the Helm of Domination. She defeated him, yet the cinematic plainly shows that he isn’t dead or dying.

Is it true that Sylvanas died in BFA?

During the Chinajoy 2019 Q&A session, the Executive Producer & Vice President of the World of Warcraft team — John Hight confirmed that Sylvanas won’t die in Battle for Azeroth. Expansion will end with Sylvanas winning the war against the Alliance, proving the rebel detractors wrong.

Sylvanas, did you murder her sister?

Despite the temptation, Sylvanas in Three Sisters chose not to murder her two sisters in the end. And, as the War Campaign draws to a close, both Alleria and Vereesa seem to scout her lines for weaknesses.

Lady Sylvanas was assassinated.


Sylvanas died how many times?

So far, undead Sylvanas has died twice: once from suicidal ascent over the top of Icecrown into saronite, and the other from a headshot by Godfrey.


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