One of the most frustrating things in video gaming is trying to download old CSGO demos. The old demo formats are no longer supported meaning players have to start from scratch and waste hours finding every other player’s past best plays just so they can get back into the game. I’ve created this blog as a solution for those who want their lost time and energy back!

To download old CSGO demos, use the “csgo demo commands”. These commands will allow users to download any demo from your current match.

How do I download old CSGO demos?

How can I get old CSGO demos?

Go to your profile, then games, then csgo, then customized game data, then matches tab, and you may download it from there.

What happened to my CS:GO demos?

Demos for matchmaking are kept in the Counter-Strike directory. The directory is most likely found here on Windows: Unless the user altered their install path, the directory is most likely located here: Counter-Strike Global Offensive C:GamesSteamsteamappscommon csgoreplays

What is a demo file, exactly?

What is a demo file, exactly? The DEMO file extension indicates to your device which app can open the file. However, different programs may use the DEMO file type for different types of data.

Why does it advise to go investigate Copeland’s camp if the download is incomplete?

The game seems to be enabling players to begin playing before the download is complete, which looks to be the source of this problem. Once you’ve reached a certain point in a task involving Copeland’s Camp, you won’t be able to continue until the download is finished.

Is there a way for me to get a copy of the demo?

Is there a way for me to get a copy of the demo? It doesn’t have download as an option when I right-click the on the match. It is unfortunate, but some matches you play will not actually let you download a demo and only allow you to view the scoreboard, yet some matches will allow you to download demos.

Is it possible to get a CS:GO match demo?

Unfortunately, if I never got around to downloading a demo, CS:GO would disable that choice and leave me with just the scoreboard to look at. Here’s an example: Thank you for taking the time to respond to Arqade!

How can I get a replay of my most recent competitive match?

Demos are not automatically recorded in CS:GO…… However, you may manually record one by entering “record “. Keep in mind that demos are often buggy. – avestar101 – avestar101 – avestar101 At 23:18 on August 24, 2013, On the main menu, choose the Watch option. Select the button “Your Matches” from the drop-down menu.

In CSGO, how can I start a demo?

Make sure the Demo file is unzipped before moving it to the Replays folder in Csgo. Also, keep the name of your sample file in mind (you can rename it if you want) Start CSGO, open the console, and type “playdemo (name of demo file)” — the demo will begin.


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