Every month a huge number of games are released by independent developers. And among the multitude of the same-type releases, there are real gems. They captivate users with a fascinating story, stylish visuals, and a variety of mechanics. These are the best indie games of 2022.


The tunic is a story about a perky little fox exploring the world around him. The project combines deliberately naive, cartoonish visuals with battles. And since it’s so intense, it will fascinate everyone who enjoys online sports betting in Canada or watching thrilling sports events themselves.¬†

In the story, a little fox goes in search of hidden treasure. Once on the sandy shore, the little fox decides to explore the mysterious land. Forest thickets, endless tunnels of catacombs and ruins await him there. And a serious obstacle for the traveler will be a countless number of enemies. According to the developers, the fox will have to fight underwater, on land, and above the clouds.

Gamers will have to piece together a mysterious island manuscript. Its pages are equipped with hints and colorful illustrations. Following the directions of the relic, the player will learn the truth about the explored lands.

The Last Night

The Last Night introduces gamers to Charlie, a descendant of the lower class. The hero’s life takes place against a backdrop of poverty and pretentious fun. After the triumph of technology in the world, an era of entertainment comes. Mankind goes into a meaningless race for cybernetic improvements.

Charlie is unable to modify his body because of a childhood injury. So the hero finds himself an outsider. But one day, he gets an opportunity to fundamentally change his life. Thus, his difficult and dangerous story begins. Odd Tales has created a spectacular platformer with elements of a sci-fi thriller.


The game with elements of survival will immerse gamers in a world destroyed by a technological disaster. After the alien invasion, the megacities are leveled to the ground. And the few survivors are haunted by robot-like invaders.

At the center of the narrative, there is a married couple with a young son and a dog. Together they escape the alien invasion. As the plot progresses, the locations will change from ruined cities to impenetrable forest thickets. Gamers should count on a system of switching between characters. By changing the protagonist, the player chooses the optimal leader for the current situation.

It’s important to note the stylish graphic design of the game. The visuals combine animated minimalism with realistic lighting. And the lack of dialogue multiplies the depressing atmosphere of the survival game. The story unfolds before gamers through silent cutscenes. For a game about the balance between life and death, it’s a very good decision.

Sea of Stars

The design and the plot of the project are inspired by the classic of the golden age of video games. At the center of the narrative are two children, Zale and Valerie. They possess supernatural powers granted by the sun and the moon. The heroes must unite to use the unique Eclipse Spell. It’s the only way to stop the evil alchemist Flesh Mage.

Along the way, the guys are accompanied by trusted allies. They are also among the playable characters. In total, the gamer is given six heroes to choose from. Variety in gameplay makes it extensive and open to exploring locations and mini-games. Dynamic lighting and the change of day and night are responsible for the quality of the visuals.

Gamers who remember The Messenger 2018 will immediately recognize the world of this game. The action of Sea of Stars unfolds in the already familiar universe from Sabotage Studio. It’s worth recalling that The Messenger – the story of a ninja fighting demons – was extremely warmly received by the public. Now gamers have every reason to count on an equally high-quality project.


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