Can you trade with yourself in Pokemon DeSmuME?

Many people are unable to trade with themselves in Pokemon DeSmuME, a clone of the popular Nintendo 64 game. This is because when trading one pokemon for another they must be holding both pokemon at once- you cannot trade something out until it is replaced by its opposite number.

The “can you trade pokemon from emulator to 3ds” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is yes, but there are some restrictions.

Can you trade with yourself in Pokemon DeSmuME?

In Pokemon DeSmuME, can you trade with yourself?

Short answer: no, that isn’t feasible right now, at least not with DeSmuMe. I did some searching and came upon this gbatemp forum topic. I’m afraid I won’t be able to test it, but you could want to try melonDS, which also cites successful Pokemon trading.

Is it possible to trade Pokemon over the internet?

You can either enter a Link Trade while connected to the internet (make sure your Switch has WiFi and then hit the + button in Y-Comm to connect to the web), or you can generate a Link Code that someone else may input to link you directly.

Is it possible to trade using DeSmuME?

This guide will show you how to trade utilizing Wi-Fi. Once your wi-fi is up and running, you may trade on the GTS and compete in Random Matchup!

In an emulator, how do you exchange Pokemon with yourself?

Pokémon may be traded.

  1. Return to the second game now.
  2. Select the Pokémon you’d want to exchange.
  3. Tap A, then TRADE, then back to A.
  4. Return to the beginning of the game.
  5. Tap a Pokémon, then A, TRADE, then A again.
  6. By touching A, choosing YES, then clicking A again, you may confirm the deal.
  7. To finalize the deal, switch to the other game.

Is it possible to trade on the DS emulator?

It is not feasible since emulators do not support networking. According to the Desmume website, wifi is neither emulated or supported. I’m guessing the situation is same with the other emulator.

Is it possible to trade Pokemon without using the internet?

You don’t need an internet connection or a Nintendo Online membership to trade locally. Open Pokémon Sword and Shield first, then press the Y button on your right Joy-Con controller to activate Y-Comm. You may cancel the transaction at any moment by going to the Y-Comm menu and choosing another alternative.

Is it possible to swap Pokemon from an emulator to a DS?

Is it possible to trade Pokemon using a DS emulator? – Quora. No, in most cases. Emulators seldom offer the same wireless capabilities as the Nintendo DS. DeSmuME attempted experimenting with this a long ago and got into difficulties with Nintendo for using their servers illegally, hence the feature was removed.

Is it possible to swap Pokemon from the Ds to the emulator?

If you have a hacked 3DS, you can dump saves using homebrew tools. You may save the save file from a cartridge to an SD card and then transfer it to an emulator using Checkpoint. You could easily accomplish this if you had a hacked 3DS.


The “how to trade pokemon on ds emulator android” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is yes, you can trade with yourself in Pokemon DeSmuME.