What are the best soul gems in Skyrim?

Soul gems are one of the most important items in Skyrim, as they can be used to upgrade your character’s equipment. They also serve a very important role for when you create custom weapons and armor with the help of smithing. The best soul gems are found throughout different parts of Skyrim that have unique qualities depending on their location. It is up to you to find them all!

The “what fills a grand soul gem” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to the question is that it takes 50 souls to fill a grand soul gem in Skyrim.

What are the best soul gems in Skyrim?

What are the greatest Skyrim soul gems?

The magnificent soul gem is the biggest soul gem available in the game.

What do I do with soul gems that have been filled?

Soul Gems are a variety of artifacts that may be used to capture the souls of deceased creatures or non-player characters. The full soul gems that result may be utilized to power enchanted things, either while making unique enchanted items or replenishing depleted enchanted weapons.

Which soul gem is the most potent?

[edit] Azura’s Star The most powerful Soul Gem in the game is Azura’s Star, which may be gained by completing Azura’s Daedric Quest. It has the same quality as a Grand Soul Gem, but it has a limitless number of uses and does not deplete after enchanting or recharging.

What happens to Soul Gems once they’ve been filled?

With the exception of grand and black, soul gems that you filled yourself do not vary in value when completely filled (i.e., a common soul gem (priced at 50 while empty) will not rise in value with a soul in it, despite the fact that a prefilled common soul gem is valued at 150).

In the Elder Scrolls, where can you discover Soul Gems?

The realm of Apocrypha in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn features a variety of empty and loaded soul gems ranging from petty to black. On tables and in pods, they may be found. Azura’s Star is a one-of-a-kind soul gem. The conjuration spell Soul Trap or a soul capture enchanted weapon are required to trap souls in soul gems.

What are the many kinds of Soul Gems?

The exceptions are Falmer, Draugr, and Rieklings, whose souls may be caught in regular gems. Soul gems are classified according to their carrying capacity. Petty, lesser, common, larger, grand, and black are the several varieties of soul gems. Can house any soul, with the exception of humanoid souls.

In Blackreach, where can you acquire Soul Gems?

Geode deposits may be found in Blackreach, the Dwemer subterranean realm. These produce soul jewels of varying qualities, ranging from petty to black. General goods merchants, court magicians, and certain members of the College of Winterhold sell filled and empty soul gems. The cost of filled gems is three to four times that of empty gems.