What is quicksilver used for in Skyrim?

Quicksilver is a form of mercury used in alchemy, and can be found all over Skyrim. It’s only worth about 10 septims to buy it at the general store, but for some reason that price seems very low. What are the uses?

Quicksilver is a powerful tool in Skyrim. It allows players to perform actions with the press of a button, such as opening doors and chests, picking up items, and more.

What is quicksilver used for in Skyrim?

What is the purpose of quicksilver in Skyrim?

A smelter uses quicksilver ore to produce quicksilver ingots. It’s used to build Elven armor and weapons after it’s converted into ingots, which takes two ores to make one ingot. It may also be used to make Nordic weapons and armor with the Dragonborn DLC.

In Skyrim, do ore veins regenerate?

If the region is designated as “cleared,” ore veins usually refill their ores after roughly a month (in-game). It refills in 10 days if not used. Some veins (for example, Ebony) revive sooner or later than the one-month period. Each vein will produce three pieces of ore and at most two valuable stones, regardless of the ore kind.

What is the purpose of Moonstone in Skyrim?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Moonstone Resource is a crafting ore. When two moonstone ore are melted together in a smelter, a single refined moonstone is created, which may be utilized to manufacture numerous levels of armor and weapons.

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