What maps are in r6 pro league?

R6 Pro League is a competitive league, where teams of professional esports players battle to see who will be the top team. The maps are usually off-limits for spectators but with the R6 Pro League becoming more popular, that might change in future seasons

The “r6 pro league map pool 2021” is a list of the maps that are in the current r6 pro league map pool. The list is updated every year, and will be updated again on January 1st, 2020.

What maps are in r6 pro league?

What maps are available in the R6 Pro League?

The following maps will be available in Season XI of Pro League: Theme Park, Clubhouse, Kafe, Consulate, Border, Coastline, and Villa. Furthermore, automatic vetos will be eliminated, which means that the map that a team played on the previous playday will no longer be automatically prohibited.

What order do the maps appear in?

Currently, the Ranked pool has a large number of maps. There are a total of 14 maps, and even removing a handful of them might improve player comfort. Right now, you may play Bank, Border, Skyscraper, Theme Park, Consulate, Coastline, Kafe, Hereford, Fortress, Outback, Chalet, Clubhouse, Oregon, and Villa.

What is the location of Kafe Dostoevsky?


Did Dostoevsky’s Kafe undergo a makeover?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege includes a map called Kafe Dostoevsky. With the release of the Operation Phantom Sight expansion in March 2019, the map was updated. The renovation centered on a major overhaul of the facility’s interior.

What is the purpose of the Hereford base?

Stirling Lines, sometimes known as Hereford Base, is a British Army base near Credenhill, Herefordshire, and is home to the 22 Special Air Service Regiment’s headquarters (22 SAS). Since its inception in 1999, it has served as the headquarters of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise.

Where did consulate r6 go?

The map Consulate appears in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. On March 27, 2020, the map was deactivated on all platforms due to a lighting problem introduced in Operation Void Edge. On Training Grounds and Custom, it’s still accessible.

Is the consulate an actual location?

The French consulate in Alexandria, Egypt, might be a vague inspiration for Consulate.

Is the embassy on the side of the attacker or the side of the defender?

The game involves defenders against. attackers.

In r6, what nation is the border?

Border Design Border is a two-story Middle Eastern map. It’s a big, open-plan map with two stair sets and a lot of soft, destructible walls on the interior.

Is Border getting a makeover?

In Rainbow Six: Operation Crimson Heist, the border is receiving a makeover. There aren’t as many changes as in earlier reworks, but you should be aware of them when you first start playing.

When did the border get reworked?

Border is a map in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege that was first released as part of the Operation Dust Line expansion. Later, in the Operation Crimson Heist expansion, the map was modified.

Why is r6 a defender’s paradise?

By its very nature, siege will always favor the defense. As a defender, you have the advantage of the clock, which is a significant element. All attackers must kill or plant all defenders within the time limit.

Is Haven a one-sided attack?

Haven: 3 plant locations, assault sided due to the fact that defenders must protect three sites.

Is it true that the Consulate has been de-ranked?

Now, this is an improvement; we can now play one of the pro league maps in ranked without having to worry about people lurking in the corners or dark areas of the map. This also implies that Ubisoft will lift the interim Consulate restriction, allowing the map to be played in Pro League and Ranked once again.

Is the consulate no longer in service?

Ubisoft has decided to remove the famous map from the game as of yesterday afternoon. As a result, it will no longer be accessible to play in any of the game’s playlists or in rotation, at least for the time being. This is due to complaints of the map’s lighting bugs becoming troublesome.

What is the foundation of the r6 Map Consulate?

Consulate is one of Rainbow Six: Siege’s ten original launch maps. This map portrays an attack on a French consulate in Ivory Coast, which is a high-risk, heavily protected facility.

Is the embassy in the map pool still?

Consulate will not be available in the Rainbow Six Siege map pool this weekend. After a “unintended lighting problem” caused the arena to become much darker, Ubisoft stopped the map today. In a patch, Ubisoft described it as “a issue that was ignored.”


In the “ranked maps r6 2021” there are a total of 10 different maps. The map that is most popular is called “jungle”.