Embedded laptop cameras are pretty common these days, and it’s even possible to add one onto your desktop computer if you want to save some money on a webcam. But despite their ubiquity, they don’t come close to matching the quality of webcams. As you may find from the best options at https://www.razer.com/pc/streaming/kiyo-family, webcams have better picture quality and give you more control over your surroundings than embedded laptop cameras. Here are five reasons why webcams are better than embedded laptop cameras.

Higher Definition

Webcams come in a variety of sizes and qualities, but no matter which one you choose, they’re always far better quality than any built-in laptop camera. The quality of your video chat is determined by several factors: Frames per second (FPS), resolution, and bitrate. Ideally, you want to see as close to 30 FPS with a resolution of 1280 x 720 at about 2Mbps for web chats; if possible, bump it up to 5 Mbps for high-quality recordings.

Those numbers mean that you need some pretty serious hardware — and most webcam interfaces won’t even let you get that low. Many of the cap out at ten frames per second, while others will only stream at 640 x 480.

More Features

Many embedded laptop cameras aren’t high quality, perhaps because the camera components are small-sized to allow space for other components of the laptop. On the contrary, webcams typically have bigger or rather higher quality components because they have lesser or no space restraints. This way, you can take clearer pictures and enjoy high-resolution images, color balance, noise reduction, and speed via your webcam without worrying about pixelation.

Range of Movement

While you might rejoice at the built-in installation of embedded cameras that allow you to skip the installation process, it might be quite unfortunate that you’ll find moving your laptop to be less convenient whenever you’re in need of positioning the cam. Webcams, on the other hand, allow for flexibility and range of movement, which isn’t available with laptops but only with desktops. You can attach webcams to tripods or to the laptop itself, enabling greater flexibility when needing to adjust where your recording surface is located.

Broader Field of View

When you’re at home, your laptop’s built-in camera might seem like a convenient way to keep tabs on your kids or pets. But when it comes to multi-person videoconferencing—or an impromptu karaoke session—the typical webcam setup (webcam plus microphone) is more flexible and gives you a broader field of view.

Adustable Focal Length

If you’re looking to be a bit more fashionable and maintain your style while on camera, webcams have adjustable focal lengths. You can get those wide-angle shots that can come in handy when presenting or explaining something or use a longer lens to focus on details. Unlike embedded laptop cameras, you won’t have to settle for one focal length.


All things considered, webcam technology has come a long way since its inception as stand-alone devices, and now they’re designed to work alongside existing computer components, making them far more useful than ever before! When it comes to capturing those life moments you never want to forget; a webcam is better than an embedded laptop camera. They’re less awkward, more portable, and come in many different styles. If you need an upgrade for your laptop or computer, get yourself a webcam instead from a company like https://www.razer.com/pc/streaming/kiyo-family, and sure enough, you’ll not regret it.