Developer Amazon Games announced recently that the game’s release date had been pushed to 28th September 2021, disappointing fans. It is due to improving quality and eliminating potential bugs.

In response to feedback from the Closed Beta testing, which took place in late July and early August, this push was essential. New world coins‘ developers may need just a little more time to fine-tune the release.

It is a fantasy-based MMORP on Aeternum, the island that represents Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. It took place in the 16th century. It allows players to join the Covenant, Marauders, or Syndicate, form guilds, participate in PvP and conquer cities. The end-game begins at level 60 when all players have advanced to level 1.

Coin, the game currency for the New World, is a highly needed requirement at the beginning and end. You can use coins everywhere in-game, just like gold in WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade.

There are two methods to get coins in the game: farming and collecting them or purchasing them from websites such as Gold4Vanilla.

Collecting and farming new world coins

Almost every MMO game has the same process, with very few exceptions. You earn currency in the same way:

Looting. If you kill an NPC enemy, loot their stock and sell it to the game vendors. You can sell or trade some looted items at the Auction House for a higher price when you distinguish between looted items.

Completing Quests. You gain experience leveling up by completing quests, but you also earn rewards, such as gear upgrades and coins. The gear can be sold to vendors for some coins if not needed.

Professions as a tool. There are three categories of professions. In the New World, the first category, gathering professions, will allow you to gather resources such as wood, stones, ores, and herbs. The Refining and Crafting professions can be used to refine these items further. You may then craft a value item and sell it for collecting coins.

Farming Rare Items. Unique and specific game NPCs, called mobs, drop the resources needed to craft high-quality, precious gear items. As you get higher level, it’s like farming Motes of Air in WoW for crafting epic and rare leatherwork gear. There is not much information about New World until the game is released, but we will know about the rare items and their drop rates upon release.

Purchasing New World Coins. You can do this on third-party websites. Most players will purchase services during the game and use websites such as Gold4Vanilla to maintain their game currency. Nevertheless, game developers such as Amazon Games generally do not encourage users to buy or sell game currency for actual money. You can select the suitable amount, put your character’s name, and then receive the coins inside the game.