Mobile Gaming vs PC Gaming

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Gaming has always been a popular pastime, and since the internet, this popularity has only increased. For those who remember the first mobile phone games, Snake was the most popular, but now there are so many others to choose from.

You can now play a range of video games on your smartphone. New games are coming onto the market daily, so you are never short on possibilities. In fact, for the first time, mobile gaming has taken the lead in terms of popularity.

This is because traditional PC gaming is a little different from mobile gaming. So let us look at some key differences between PC and mobile gaming.

Difference Between PC and Mobile Gaming

The main difference between PC gaming and mobile gaming is the devices they’re played on. So, of course, you play PC and mobile games on a mobile device or tablet. But that’s not where the differences end.

PC games are typically played by more severe gamers, whereas mobile gaming can take a more lighthearted approach. Of course, there are PC games out there that are purely for entertainment purposes. However, there are a lot of PC games on the market that have a serious fan base. Take Skyrim as an example; this game has a huge fanbase and a global reach. The game’s fanbase is so vast that there are even opinion pieces written about the fanbase itself as well as the actual game.

Then on the other end of the spectrum, we have PC games such as Minecraft. Of course, some players take this game seriously, like with any popular game. However, most players are just in it for the fun factor. This is especially true when we think about the younger fans of the game.

You can play big games such as Skyrim and Minecraft on mobile, but this is probably not the best option in terms of graphics. Mobile games tend to be more straightforward in how they’re shown on screen, so the focus is on the game itself.

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A popular gaming niche on smartphones is online casinos. The casino industry boomed when games became accessible on mobile phones, as players could easily access their favorite games anytime. Additionally, the ease of casino games such as pokies available at online casino providers has allowed this industry to boom on mobile phones as typically, mobile phone gamers want comfort and convenience.

Below we will look at the main benefits of both PC and mobile gaming.

Benefits of PC Gaming

The biggest benefit when PC gaming, as opposed to mobile, is that PCs are generally more powerful machines and can therefore support bigger games. This means the graphics are often better, which is ideal when playing detailed games such as Skyrim.

Another benefit of graphics is that the screen is more significant, so you can get a more detailed look at what you’re playing. It’s also easier to see everything that’s on-screen, which could have a positive impact on the way you play. You can also connect your PC to your TV screen, meaning an even bigger screen to play on. This is also beneficial when playing multi-player games with your friends.

You’re also able to customize your PC, which means it’s easier to upgrade once those upgrades are available. The only downside is having to put this together yourself, which isn’t the easiest if you’re not well versed in technology.

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It’s also easy to add on different modes of controllers too, so you’re not limited to your computer mouse. For example, you can purchase steering wheels for racing games and joysticks or wireless controllers. The only downside to this is that they won’t come with your standard PC.

Benefits of Mobile Gaming

When it comes to mobile gaming, there is a seemingly endless number of games to choose from. Whether you’re into word games, action games, or casino games, there’s something for everyone with mobile gaming.

When we talk about mobile gaming, we’re not limited to just mobile phone devices. This includes tablets too! So even though PCs are generally more significant with more giant screens, tablets are also getting new and improved screens. Although they might not be quite as large as a PC screen, the video quality is just as good. This means you can still get the same quality of gameplay as you would do on a PC.

Mobile technology is also constantly improving and moving with the times. New phones and tablets are making their way onto the market all the time, so you’re never far away from the next big thing. Of course, this also means that the gaming experience is constantly improving too!

Another huge benefit to mobile gaming is that it’s just that – mobile! You can take it anywhere anytime, and as long as you’ve got an internet connection, you can play your favorite games. So whether you’re on the train, waiting for a friend in the pub, or simply lounging around on your sofa, you can access all the best games at any time.

You also don’t need all the bells and whistles that are required when you have a PC which makes it the more economical choice. You get way more for your money and don’t have to spend any extra on gadgets that take up space around your home.

Although the love for PC gaming won’t die out, it seems like mobile gaming has taken over in the meantime due to its accessibility and affordability. However, there’s a whole world of online games out there for you to explore, so what are you waiting for?