First-Person Shooter Games are fun. However, they are not so fun if, after starting the game with excitement, you get gunned down within only a few minutes, or you keep missing headshots by only a few pixels. Every gamer must have experienced these feelings at some point.

These emotions push them to want to get better. It’s the same with playing at Casino Brango using real money. Why play casino games if you are going to lose money consistently? There is no fun in that, so there is a need to learn gambling strategies and improve your chances of winning.

But then, how can you and every other gamer experiencing this problem get better? Well, it’s not that difficult if you are willing to learn. This article will highlight five tips for getting better at first-person shooter games. If you are ready, let’s get to it.

1. Get Familiar with the Controls

One of the first things you should do before playing any first-person shooter game is to get familiar with its controls. Before starting your adventure, you must know every important position and action like crouching, shooting, reloading, etcetera.

Likewise, when familiarizing yourself with the controls, you can find the weapon you are most comfortable using. In addition, you can also tweak your gameplay settings to suit your very needs. Most successful professional gamers fiddle with their in-game settings and sensitivities until they get what they want. You should start doing that too!

2. Get Used to Your Surroundings

Another tip to help you get better in FPS games is getting familiar with your in-game surroundings. You have to realize that although your opponents and their tactics may change, the game maps and surroundings tend to remain unchanged. Therefore, you might as well master them.

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When you get familiar with your in-game surroundings, you already have an edge in combat because you will most likely have found good attacking positions and opportunities, preventing frequent and unnecessary deaths. For instance, if you find a balcony or stairwell with a blind spot, you can easily make kills from that position without anybody picking you off quickly.

3. Always Aim for the Chest

If you struggle with making headshots or fast-paced shooters, here’s a tip – always aim for the chest. Although chest kills are not so sweet as head kills, you must admit that they are also effective and a dead cert for damage. Aiming for your opponent’s chest means that you most likely will not miss it since it’s the most prominent target area of the body.

Furthermore, if you have played many FPS games, you will notice that some weapons have a crazy recoil. This recoil will most likely result in your weapon firing upwards. So, with these weapons, it is best you aim at the chest for a better chance of making the kill. Who knows? You may even end up making a headshot!

4. Communication with Your Team Matters – A Lot!

Team play is one prominent feature of most FPS games. One essential asset that guarantees success is communication if you are in a team, any team at all, in-game, or in the physical world.

You will undoubtedly come across some players with noisy backgrounds or playing awful music in the background. Still, if you want to draw their attention, you must communicate with them to make the same efforts as you to guarantee success. Boycotting your team to be a one-person soldier will probably get you killed fast.

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Some important things you can discuss with your team members include; your location and where you’re going on the map, the location of your enemy, and the best strategies to employ to achieve your goals. When you communicate with your team while playing, you command their attention and make them more focused on winning.

5. Practice Until You Can’t Anymore

Practice, they say, makes perfect. You must practice if you want to be good at anything – riding a bike, playing the piano, getting better at first-person shooter games. Practicing a first-person shooter game as often as possible means you’ll most likely understand the game handles, the weapons, certain game characters, and their perks.

Practice will also make you devise various movements you can employ if you don’t want to get shot. For instance, you can imply a combination of various jump and strafe movements to make you a difficult target whenever you are on the move.

Although practice will not work miracles overnight, if you are consistent at doing it, you will become more experienced, confident, and better with time.


First-person shooter games are more exciting when you are the one making all the kills and lasting longest, not the other way around. This article has examined five tips that can make you better at FPS games. Employ these tips, and you will become extremely good at the games over time.