Apple never disappoints its users and provides yearly software updates that include new, exciting features. If you are going through the Mac operating systems in order, macOS Monterey was the next big update from Apple after Big Sur. The update is a big deal for gamers because new gaming features debut with Monterey. Without further ado, look at the fantastic gaming features available on Monterey you wish you knew before.

Monterey Supports Adaptive Sync on External Displays

Adaptive Sync is supported in macOS Monterey, allowing Macs to support variable refresh rates. The technology is available on all devices with Apple Silicon inside, including the latest models with M1 chips and some of the recent Intel-based Mac systems.

Adaptive Sync is a technology that eliminates stuttering, screen tearing, and input lag. It synchronizes the display refresh rate with the graphics card’s fps (frames per second). The outcome is a smoother and better gaming experience as the screen quickly adapts to what’s currently happening in the game.

When it comes to gaming, Macs are not the first choice among gaming enthusiasts. However, adding Adaptive Sync is a game-changer, and Apple might be looking to open up its products to a new customer base.

To enable Adaptive Sync, you must ensure you have a compatible Mac. Then, connect a compatible display to your Mac and pick the variable refresh rate option by going to the System Preferences app > Displays.

Game Center Invites Multi Players via Messages

Thanks to the new multiplayer friend selection, gamers can now bring their most recent Messages, groups, and friends into the Game Center-enabled games. Depending on the game, the steps to be followed to add multi players are slightly different. Users must enter Game Center within their favorite game and find their friend’s profile.

You can invite one or several players by opening a Game Center game > selecting Game Center > selecting player profiles on the left > and clicking the Invite Friends option. You can add your Messages, contact, or groups to the games.

Friend Requests are Accepted on Game Center

With the Monterey update, Apple finally allows users to see friend requests in Game Center on Mac. You can access these requests by navigating to the App Store. Alternatively, you can find them within the Game Center profile in your favorite game.

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You can find and accept friend requests in the App Store by opening the Mac App Store > clicking on your account at the bottom left > choosing the Game Center Profile > clicking on the green check mark next to the person/gamer who has sent the request and it will be under Friend Requests. You can accept or deny the invitation by clicking on the X icon.

Alternatively, you can find and accept friend requests within the Game Center by opening the Game Center game > selecting Game Center > selecting your profile on the left > clicking on the box next to the person who has sent the request under Friend Request. You can accept or deny the invitation.

New LaunchPad Games Folder

All downloaded games from the Mac App Store or Apple Arcade are added to a new folder in LaunchPad in macOS Monterey. The LaunchPad can be found on the Mac Dock. You can also find it through the Applications folder.

Easily Share Game Highlights with Friends or Family

macOS Monterey adds the ability to share game highlights with friends or family using game controllers. By pressing the share button, you can save a video clip of up to fifteen seconds of gameplay. Some controllers that support this feature are Sony PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller.

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Besides these fantastic gaming features, Monterey offers the following goodies:

FaceTime improvements

Video calls are spruced up with enhanced audio and video features, including Portrait mode to calls, grid view, Voice Isolation mode, Wide Spectrum Microphone mode, etc. Furthermore, Apple users can invite their Windows or Android friends to join FaceTime calls using Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

Universal Control

If you have a Mac and an iPad, you can place the device next to each other and enjoy moving the cursor from your Mac screen to your iPad screen. You can also drag and drop contents between these two devices without a fuss.

Focus Mode

If you get distracted easily, Apple’s Focus mode is for you. It allows you to create specific profiles to limit alerts and notifications on your Mac. You can even choose from preset options, such as Work, Sleep, Driving, Commuting, etc.


iCloud+ provides users access to Hide My Email (which creates burner email addresses to prevent spam in the primary Inbox) and also includes iCloud Private Relay (a feature that encrypts browsing history in Safari).

With such beautiful features on macOS Monterey, you should not waste even a second upgrading your Mac system. Along with augmenting your gaming experience, you can leverage the other features to make the most of your system.