Trick or treat! Or a new game?

October is approaching its end, which means that one of the spookiest times of the year is coming. Without a doubt, it’s time when you’re forbidden from playing anything that isn’t spooky.

Today we’d like to share our favorite indie games you can play on the eve of the scariest holiday ever. Let’s get started!

Our list of favorites opens with Knock on the Coffin Lid

It’s a roguelike deckbuilding game with a profound story. In this game, you are a loyal servant whose lord was slain. And to save yourself, you must solve the mystery of their death and break the cycle of endless resurrections. What happens if you fail? You start over and over again in the coffin.


The game is quite easy to learn, so be sure you’ll get involved quickly. However, you won’t be given any direct answers, just hints. But don’t think too much! A new task soon appears when you think of a mystery and how to resolve it.

Events unfold quickly, and many questions arise, confusing you even more during the game. You learn a lot about the magical world you’re in: why are orcs, dwarfs, and elves in a war, why is the country in chaos, and what the hell has happened to your world?

At first glance, the game and its idea seem familiar. But appearances are deceitful, aren’t they?

The game’s fingerprint consists of 3 parts, each having a different protagonist: a brave girl, a strong knight, or a werewolf. Why is it so?

The story needs more details and could be clearer at first sight. But looking at it from different angles, you find more and more exciting information, getting closer to the truth.

In the end, you see the big picture and realize: nothing ever was an accident in this game. Everything is interconnected and happens for a reason.

It’s a story about life, death, and the endless choices that determine your path. It contains everything we love: fantasy elements, dynamic card battles in the epic scenery of the magical world, original scenarios… The list is endless. Tons of plot twists, puzzles to solve, enigmas — isn’t it all you need for Halloween night? The game is available on Steam You’re sure to love it!

“Pumpkin Jack”. In this game, you embody Jack, the mythical Pumpkin Lord. On your journey you’ll help the evil to annihilate the world. But it won’t be that easy! You’ll go through tons of challenges in the Boredom Kingdom, a mythical realm shattered by the curse, in order to get to your nemesis.

Fairly loved by the audience of different ages, it has a number of features that make it so loved and special.

  • Firstly, its design and interface. “Pumpkin Jack” is crafted with vibrant colour palettes and high-quality lighting effects that will help you to dive into its alluring adventure and otherworldly atmosphere.
  • Secondly, its entertaining gameplay. You’ll fight for your life against mythical creatures and survive dynamic real-life battles, master your combo attacks, dodging, accurate strikes and other conditions for successful combats.
  • Thirdly, its puzzles. Using your imagination & tools at your disposal, you have to find a way out of various tough situations. What will you use your flaming head or skinsuit for? It’s up to you to choose. With each level challenges get even more puzzling and exciting.

From the first moments you realise how engaging the game is. Brightly coloured and stylishly designed – this gripping game will plunge you fully into its world full of enigmas. Pumpkin Jack is available on Steam for those who fancy breathtaking challenges and original gameplays.

Our next game is Iwaihime. It’s a visual novel based on Japanese mythology. The dark, twist-heavy horror story is full of violence and gore and tells about sin & retribution. Well-written and containing profound ideas, the game will take you through gripping story scenarios that will send several chills up your spine.

Untitled design (54)

The protagonist Suzumu Susushara is a transfer student who stumbles across a mysterious and unsociable girl whose name is Toé Kurokami. Toé talks little, always sits alone in the class and clutches her Japanese doll. Creepy.

He’s told to stay away from her because she’s probably cursed. But who cares? Meeting this girl launches the protagonist’s journey into mysteries that she is full of.

Sounds cliché, doesn’t it? However, the story isn’t that superficial. Combining freakish horror elements with romance puts you through an emotional rollercoaster. And it’s rather amusing.

The game uses emotional beats to make you feel happy and sad simultaneously. The music only deepens these feelings. Even though you are promised to get a great horror story based on mysticism, you get more and more surprised as the story goes on. And in the end, it turns out to be something you did not expect. Doubtlessly.

If you crave great storytelling or are keen on weird Japanese horror stories, you must try this one!

These are our top 3 favorite games for Halloween. Genre-diverse, dark and spooky. Just as it’s supposed to be on Halloween, try them out if you want to make your October 31 more entertaining & exciting.