WoW, remains one of the most popular MMO RPGs in the world due to the well-known confrontation between the horde and the alliance for control of the key lands of Azeroth.

Players from whom World of Warcraft passed by for various reasons became interested in the project after the release of Shadowlands.

What new players need to know about WoW and what resources will help in the development of the project – let’s figure it out:

  1. Skycoach. gg
  2. Wowhead
  3. World of Warcraft Wikipedia is a service to help players learn game content, complete raids, upgrade, coach, and get game gold. Gold plays a key role in the WoW universe, and there is never enough of it, especially when it comes to mythic gear. Skycoach. gg provides an opportunity to buy World of Warcraft gold in any quantity with a money-back guarantee and real-time order status tracking on the site.


All you need is to go to the site, select a product or service, pay for the order or contact the manager. Then, after a simple procedure, an employee will contact you and complete the transaction at the specified time.

If the boosting service is selected, or the carry in the raid, then the player is provided with a personal, professional player who will fulfill the deal and may even provide services for teaching the game on the character.


A complete resource with a huge database and real gaming experience of many players expressed in articles and recommendations. Here you can find a full-fledged guide to Fire or Frost Mage, deal with the leveling of professions and their specifics, understand the pros and cons of guilds, and much more.

The resource is recommended as a read for all World of Warcraft fans who are just exploring the game world of Azeroth and looking for advice and help. The player can find practical advice, such as which faction to start with and why. Where each race starts, who belongs to the faction of the alliance and the horde, choose an orc, or a blood elf, and much more.

If, after reading the descriptions of friends and reading the forums, you are interested in leveling the profession of jewelry, then you will need to figure out the system for mining or buying key gems and inscriptions or master the profession of the inscriber as one of the main ones.


Wowhead has descriptions and guides for leveling jewelry, relying on which you can become a famous jeweler since they are the ones who produce jewelry with unique properties and give weapons special sockets for inserting power-ups. For players who are not particularly interested in conquering the gaming peaks and the world top, activities in the form of fishing and cooking are suitable.

If you follow the guide, you will find out where to get a fishing rod, what kind of fish happens, where to catch it so as not to meet aggressive monsters, and what you can catch. You can catch both valuable fish and useless garbage – fish is needed for cooking and baiting tamed animals for the hunter class.

Cooking, on the other hand, helps to create dishes that increase characteristics, and having pumped the skill of a cook, you can prepare magnificent banquets and feasts; earning money on your craft and fish and meat will help in pumping. Wowhead has a lot of detailed guides for both professions, which can be taken by all players, without exception, without spending a slot on a profession.

World of Warcraft Wikipedia

Wikipedia for WoW is almost the same as the usual Wiki for everything that interests a person, but about the game world of Azeroth. The WoW wiki will ideally help with character leveling because it will show where the NPCs and quest monsters are located right up to the demonstration on the map.

The World of Warcraft Wiki will help the player follow quests and leveling based on specific descriptions and walkthroughs, saving the player from having to try all aspects and learn from their mistakes by sacrificing their time.

Leveling up a profession will not do without the help of third-party sites since you need to find all the profitable locations of mining ore on the map in order to get more ore, smelt ingots, and start your way as a blacksmith.

The same with alchemy – Wiki will help you find the right plant and the best places to collect according to the description. Herbs are not tied to factions, but it is better to know where to look with a minimum or complete absence of aggressive monsters that can distract you or send you to the city for rebirth.