A lot of people have preconceptions about what sort of people are going to be playing online bingo. Traditionally, in the bingo halls and venues around the world, the game has certainly attracted a slightly older audience. However, people with spare time in their retirement to look for a little bit of fun and social activity may have found that bingo was the perfect opportunity.

As time has gone on, though, and with more people shifting to online bingo, you might be surprised to learn that the audience that is actually playing the game appears to be changing.

Bingo Attracts a New Audience

If you could go back to the 90s in the UK in particular, you would have found that a lot of bingo was played at holiday and vacation destinations. As a result, a lot of seasonal bingo licenses were handed out to these kinds of venues. In these places, you would see a fair mixture of different people playing the game for the short time they were on a trip.

There were also popular bingo halls and bingo-specific venues, many of which still exist today. These are where a lot of the people who loved to return to the same place week after week to play the game would tend to go. But, again, the stereotypical image is that this was largely made up of an audience of older women.

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In the modern day and age, however, we have the addition of online bingo, which has totally revolutionized the way people play.

Which Bingo Reports the Changes in Who Is Playing Bingo

Of course, you would need access to a lot of data and statistics if you were going to know exact numbers, but this has created one of the biggest surveys, which provides a lot of information on who exactly is playing this sort of game.

Key findings include:

● Most bingo community groups are on Facebook, which means some correlation between the main audience of Facebook’s user base and the players of online bingo.

● The percentage of players on online bingo that are men has doubled in recent years.

● Three-quarters of those who are playing bingo in the UK are under the age of 44.

● Around half of the people playing are choosing to play online rather than in person, which is a huge shift.

● The biggest group or demographic playing is still women aged between 25 and 54, but men are catching up.

It’s impossible to say exactly what is driving these changes, and while bingo has traditionally been favored by people of older generations when playing in person, there are a lot of new accounts being opened by younger people.

Bingo had a bit of a slump in the 1990s when not so many people were playing, but since then, it has made a big resurgence. This data is from a UK survey, and this is perhaps unsurprising, as the United Kingdom is still the location where bingo is most popular, both in person and online, if you consider the percentage of the population that play.

Bingo Around the World

A huge number of people from all sorts of different demographics play the game. Did you know that some estimates say that around 1.5 billion people globally play bingo at some point in their lives? That is a huge percentage of the population.

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The 75-ball version of the game is growing in popularity in the US and has been popular for some time now, especially with those playing online.

In Europe, there are many countries where the game is played. On top of this, Brazil legalized bingo in the 1990s, and a lot of Latin America now also plays and enjoys the game.

In Japan, a lot of US culture tends to cross the sea and seep into their culture, and bingo is one of the exports to do that, where the US variety (75-ball bingo) tends to be the most popular.

As bingo reaches a new tech-savvy audience, there is no denying that a lot of people who are playing the game are much younger. As a result, a new generation has been exposed to the game on their smart devices, ensuring that bingo will have a successful future for many years to come.