Before the rise of Android OS, Symbian and java model phones could download mobile games from websites like Waptrick, Wapday,, and the rest. But the mobile gaming industry has undergone a significant shift since, and one of the most popular games now downloaded on these Android OS devices is soccer. European football and other soccer leagues are very popular in the world of sports. There are thousands of players, dozens of teams, and multiple leagues. It’s a phenomenon, and what’s more? People bet on these matches to win real money. In fact, it is the sport that attracts the greatest attention when it comes to sports betting. If you also want to join the multitude of people wagering on football globally, you can join any betting site with PayPal or any other payment method to start playing for a chance to win.

Winning your bets will require you to analyze the right odds before staking your cash for good returns. Also, going by your location, you might need to know which betting sites accept PayPal or other banking options. This is where a top tipster like Kate Richardson comes in. She can provide insightful analysis and tips while pointing you to the best sportsbooks with the payment methods that suit your needs. You can view her profile and learn more about her here. Meanwhile, here are the ten best soccer games for Android devices.


1. FIFA PRO Soccer

FIFA PRO Soccer will remain one of the top football games for Android. It is packed with real-time players according to the year and cache file available. It has a quality graphics system and lives commentary for users to enjoy. There are different forms of play in FIFA PRO Soccer. There is a variety where users can build a team to dominate and secure trophies around several leagues. Usually, the game requires good network connectivity to access better teams, perks, and transfer bonuses. Competitions like The UEFA Champions League, Europa Super League, and lots more are open for multiplayer, and prizes are provided for finalists and the winning team.

2. Final Kick

Final Kick is an online game with a very adventurous feeling. It lets you play a shootout over and over again. Your goal is to score goals. It features decent graphics, offline tournaments, online multiplayer, weekly tournaments, and simple controls. It allows you to play a shootout repeatedly. You want to score goals for better chances of carrying the trophy home. Gamers can expect constant advertisement by PayPal betting sites when playing this title.

3. Score! Hero

Score Hero offers a one-touch style of play. It is played offline, and the time frame is not the usual 90 minutes as in a standard soccer match. Score Hero is a role-playing game where individuals participate by taking their preferred team from level to level. The aim is to win trophies with the respective clubs played for and also excel in countryside appearances. There are over 600+ levels in Score Hero, providing players with enough matches to engage in as much as they want. The Hero’s appearance can be customized, with in-built abilities to groom and develop. Make those accurate passes, throw the ball and score the goals. That’s the basic theory of this awesome pastime!

4. Football Club Manager

Regarding time consumption on an Android soccer game, the Football Club Manager tops the rankings. The title can be played online and offline, but it is preferable to play online due to the exciting catalogs the server opens up. Besides, your progress is saved only when you do so over an internet connection. For lovers of the title, this will certainly get you addicted. Enjoy the Football Club Manager at its best by purchasing players off the transfer window into your team. Create an undefeatable squad and dominate all the major leagues and tournaments. There are awesome visuals with eye-catching effects to grasp your attention all day long.

5. Real Football

From the age of Symbian phone models till now, Real Football has been a fun virtual game. It can alleviate boredom, take away stress and bring the excitement of a live match. Some of the features of this interesting sports pastime include:

  • It’s only available on Android devices
  • Easy-to-understand rules
  • Ability to customize your team and play multiplayer options.

6. Dream League Soccer

Another on the list of the top soccer titles available for Android devices is Dream League Soccer (DLS). Of course, you would concur with this statement if you have completed DLS 2021 and DLS 20 modes. Playing Dream League Soccer on an Android device is an out-of-the-world experience. Users can play as long as they want and compete for numerous national and local trophies. You can quickly get this excellent football game for Android smartphones from the Google Play Store, which is available for offline and online play.

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7. Eleven Be a Soccer Manager

If you enjoy managing a football team for fun, being a Soccer Manager Top 11 is one of the favorite managerial games of all time. Your job as a manager is to assemble your perfect team and lead them to victory in competitions. The best part is it is available for Android device users.

8. Football 2022

Another thrilling football game you’ll enjoy playing on your device is eFootball 2022. It features many moments and competitions that will blow your mind during an engagement, realistic visuals, the most recent updates to the players, a real-time football field, and good match commentary.

9. Soccer Hero – RPG Football Manager

Soccer Hero is an option you must consider if you enjoy playing fantasy soccer card games. There are a lot of opportunities and strategies to take in this title. You can captain your team and take the helm. Make an effort to sign with your preferred team. Recruit additional players to build the best team ever. Plus, you have the option of being a manager in addition to a player.

10. Table Football

The table football game is a 3D version of the sport. Its visuals are just stunning. Enjoy each goal wherever you play it. You can select your shorts, shirts, footwear, and uniforms, and you also have the chance to win the World Cup by competing in just seven matches. You also have the significant opportunity to participate in major league events too.


It is worth noting that a good number of individuals worldwide are inclined to play soccer games more than any other option available on Android devices. Although more than half of the people in this category may be male, it doesn’t exempt the fact that the games are a major thrill. What’s even cooler? These games never fail to show off better upgrades and the best form of virtuals ever seen. Apart from enjoying these titles, you can also engage in sports betting as a football fan. You can start by signing up with a platform that accepts betting by PayPal or other means to stand a chance of winning real money. Happy gaming!