Starting your own gaming channel on YouTube isn’t an easy task. You probably know such creators as Pewdiepie, Ninja, JuegaGerman, and so on. These people have already achieved incredible fame, and their income can only be envied. Many newbies strive for this result, but you need to keep in mind that these gamers started much earlier, before the competition became fierce in this area. Now, unfortunately, it’s not enough to play and publish videos – your content will simply be lost among millions of others.

If your goal is to succeed on the platform and become truly famous, you’ll need to learn the basics of marketing and create a promising promotion strategy. We aren’t talking about complicated things; you don’t need them. At the initial stage, it’ll be enough to create a competitive account and invest a few dollars in it. Already now, you can make your account more attractive – just buy YouTube comment likes, subs, or other interactions and improve the visibility of your content. It costs ridiculous money, but it’ll give a huge result. Paid PR services are just one of the steps on the way to success. We’ll tell you about this and others in the article. Read on!

Step №1: Choose Your Area

Before proceeding to creating content and filling out a profile, you need to decide which game will be the main one. We’re talking about this in the singular because it’s undesirable to choose several games at once. You see, the choice of your place depends on who your fans are.

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For example, if you’re going to shoot a Fortnite let’s play, you need to focus on Generation Z. They play it most often, and accordingly, they can become your fans. If you like action-adventure games (like God of War), then you need to create content for a more adult audience; children and teenagers are little interested in this.

A useful tip: choose what is relevant now and will be at the peak of popularity for a while. This is a chance to be in the trends and get the first spectators.

Step №2: Make Your Channel Attractive

Well, you came up with a “telling” profile name, wrote a description, and chose a bright avatar. Next, you need to make sure that your page stands out from other newcomers. The fastest and most reliable way to do this is to contact a professional advertising company such as Viplikes and buy likes, comments, subscribers, thumbs down, and much more. All visitors to your account will pay attention to the number of interactions with videos and the account as a whole. If there is a lot of this, then you’re a valuable and interesting blogger.

We recommend using paid PR services at the very beginning; this will help you increase your credibility on social networks and encourage users to follow you.

Step №3: Optimize Your Videos

Content optimization is necessary for everyone, regardless of the chosen niche. Keywords help users find your video. They use the search bar – your clips must be in the search results; otherwise, they’ll go unnoticed.

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The easiest way to choose the right keywords is to start typing a word or phrase in the search bar. It can be something like: “Fortnite new chapter…”, “Outlast screamers…”, etc. Analyze what words other players use and start including them in your content: optimize the title, description, and tags for the best result.

Step №4 : Upload Shorts

Short videos are at the peak of popularity now, and this is great news for you. Try to master a new format: here, you can post the best moments from streams, talk about interesting facts, and share tips (how to improve AIM, which games are the best for beginners, etc.). This is another great chance to improve your visibility in the online thematic community; use it!