Online casinos are hardly a new phenomenon to grip this side of Oceania. Yet the presence of bitcoin as a dominant payment method at betting places may be somewhat unique. Should you use bitcoin casinos? Are they worth your time and money? If you are interested in knowing more about the presence and importance of bitcoin in NZ, keep reading below.

The Presence of Bitcoin in New Zealand Casinos

Bitcoin has long made its presence known in various financial fields. Now, the gaming and gambling industries are quick to welcome this decentralized form of currency for users. Suppose you visit a trustworthy online casino new zealand. In that case, you will see that the establishment probably offers bitcoin as a payment method. That is because the bigwig gaming software providers are investing heavily in producing material for the gambling industry.

Now, Kiwis can gamble in casinos powered by the likes of BetSoft, IGTech, Big Time Gaming, and more. Online casinos just got a lot more entertaining in New Zealand!

Why Should You Choose Bitcoin Casinos?

Most Kiwi gamblers turn into high rollers at NZ casinos mainly because of the benefits bitcoin offers to users. With an extensive range of advantages, there is little doubt that one would hit NZ casinos where bitcoin rules the roost. Here are some of the main reasons why bitcoin casinos are so popular in New Zealand:

Better Choice of Games

Users who play at both bitcoin and traditional casinos tend to choose the former over the latter every time. This, of course, is no surprise – with software providers pouring their creativity and focus on BTC-powered establishments, you are bound to get fantastic games.

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Apart from the usual round of poker, roulette, slots, etc., you can get more variations and types of games.

Greater Bonuses and Rewards

The most fascinating aspect of online casinos where bitcoin is the dominant or exclusive payment method is that users get better offers. Bitcoin casinos are willing to be more generous when it comes to welcome bonuses and rewards compared to online or traditional establishments. You will receive much better packages and gifts when signing up with a bitcoin casino.

Playing Under Anonymity

Perhaps one of the most attractive parts of playing at a bitcoin casino in New Zealand is that users receive a cloak of anonymity. Many countries make it illegal for people to participate in betting or gambling. The social stigma of gambling also affects the image of even restrained and disciplined gamblers. This anonymity helps protect users.

Little to No Additional Charges

If you frequent online casinos, then you will know that monetary transactions require additional charges. However, at bitcoin establishments, there are practically no fees for depositing or withdrawing your money from your casino account.

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You can make raid transactions that barely take any time to get your winnings. Forget waiting for three to five business days for the transfer to come through. Now, you can make transactions with almost no additional or hidden fees, if at all there are any charges.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Safe for Gamblers?

Where online or physical casinos bring with them their own risks, BTC casinos are a level apart. Bitcoin casinos are a better alternative than going to seedy establishments and potentially losing your money or personal data. Choose what you share and play as much as you want. The superb level of security a bitcoin casino offers is truly unmatched by any other.