Dragonflight, the latest World of Warcraft expansion, will launch on November 28 in the USA and 29 in the EU and most parts of the world. The Evoker class, the sole and exclusive character option for the new Dracthyr race, promises to be one of the expansion’s main attractions. By now, much information about those Evokers has already been revealed. Fans have learned about their unique mechanics, including extraordinary racial traits and the Hold and Release system for enhancing their powers. The fine details are subject to change before Dragonflight release, but the main outline is firmly established. In this preview, we have collected all confirmed information about Dracthyr Evokers and what they bring to World of Warcraft!

Dracthyr Evokers Summary

  • Only Dracthyr adventurers can be Evokers. Dracthyr cannot belong to any other class, at least for now;
  • Like Demon Hunters and Death Knights, Dracthyr Evokers are considered a Hero Class. Players generate them as level 58 adventurers and must play through a unique introductory sequence before their Evokers can leave their isolated starter zone and meet other player characters;
  • An expansion owner may have one such character in a realm simultaneously. The first one may be made on any realm without restrictions, while subsequent Evokers may only be added to realms where the player already has a level 50 adventurer;
  • Players making Dracthyr heroes must decide which World of Warcraft faction to join during character creation. This choice influences the final part of their introductory sequence;
  • Dracthyr adventurers can change between their true draconic appearance and a humanoid Visage. Their racial perks also include limited flight in Dragonflight zones and natural weapon attacks;
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  • Evokers are medium-range spellcasters with a wide variety of combat and utility spells;
  • There are two Evoker specializations. Devastation mainly covers various attack spells, while Preservation emphasizes healing abilities;
  • Mana fuels the majority of Evoker spells, but some particularly dramatic spells also use Essence, a Rune-like resource that regenerates automatically when the hero is not engaged in combat;
  • Some spells can be empowered through a Hold and Release interface, boosting damage or other effects if the player decides to extend the casting time;
  • Like all magic users, Evokers want to maximize their Intellect stat, as it increases spell power;
  • Evokers may equip the following types of weaponry: Intellect daggers, fist weapons, maces, axes, swords, and staves. They are unable to dual-wield their single-handed weapons, but may utilize spellcaster “held in off-hand” items;
  • The usual Dracthyr armor type is Mail, but Evokers may also equip Leather or Cloth armor;
  • Evokers use Dark Moderate Cyan as their signature color in the user interface and information websites.

Dracthyr Evoker Lore

The Dracthyr is a brand-new race of humanoid dragonkin. Dracthyr names and appearances all underline their connection to the five great dragonflights. So does their unique style of magic, which replicates the magical powers exhibited by actual dragons from different flights. Dracthyr lore states that dragonkin is the creation of Neltharion from before he became Deathwing. Anticipating a threat to all dragonkind, he sought to establish a race of soldiers who would combine the magic of all major dragonflights and the adaptability of smaller peoples. Evokers are the most versatile and powerful of the Dracthyr. Their powers stemming directly from their draconic natures explain their racial exclusivity.

Dragonflight, the latest World of Warcraft expansion, will launch on November 28 in the USA and 29 in the EU and most parts of the world. The Evoker class, the sole and exclusive character option for the new Dracthyr race, promises to be one of the expansion’s main attractions.

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While they are fresh arrivals to the MMORPG, the Dracthyr are, in fact, incredibly ancient, being more than twenty thousand years old. However, they spent most of that time in magically-induced stasis within their training area, the Forbidden Reach. Awakened by the proto-dragon attack that freed Raszageth, the antagonist of the first Dragonflight raid, the Dracthyr had to adapt to a changing world. Out of their five main groups, one was nearly destroyed, another turned against the rest, and three decided to continue their protective mission but part ways. Two went to join opposing factions, while the last remained neutral and ventured forth into other parts of the home archipelago.

Dracthyr Race Details

Dracthyr possesses several outstanding racial traits that are sure to exercise a major influence on the Evoker player experience. Perhaps the most notable among them is their knack for shifting between their draconic and humanoid shapes. The true Dracthyr appearance is a dragon roughly the size and shape of larger playable races. This form has claws, wings, a tail, and a dragon-like head. In Visage form, those people retain horns and some other signs of their nature but are otherwise closer in appearance to humans or elves. Players may customize both forms extensively, with options for body types, thematically appropriate colors, horns, snouts, and more.

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The heroes can switch between forms freely for the most part, but some powers require transforming to the draconic shape. Afterward, they can only assume their Visage again once the fighting has ceased. Reverting to Visage happens automatically by default, but players can turn that off. Dracthyr racial powers are an example of abilities that rely on their physiology. The most impactful and iconic power is flight, which draws on the same flying engine implemented for Dragonriding mounts. The heroes can glide down instead of falling or ascending into the air, using their skills to speed up or gain altitude. This ability is limited to Dragon Isles, and unlike proper Dragonriding flight, it cannot be leveled up.

In battle, Dracthyr can fight using their tails or wings in addition to Evoker powers. Their tail sweep maneuver flings all enemies surrounding them into the sky and hobbles them on landing. Wings may be employed to buffet hostiles in a cone, knocking them back. Assuming the Visage form does have its benefits, namely increased health regeneration for party members outside of combat. Among the passive perks, the most intriguing boon is an increased capacity for locating and gathering nodes and harvesting rare reagents. It is worth remembering that Dracthyr can use all mounts normally and get a unique racial mount, a type of draconic steed called Vorquin.

Dracthyr Evoker Class Deep Dive

Dracthyr Evokers are spellcasting adventurers meant to operate from a medium distance, behind the melee frontline but ahead of many other ranged heroes. For the most part, they fight using spells that draw on Mana. However, some of their most effective spells also cost Essence, a separate resource regenerating on its outside battle. Essence is precious, and the decision to spend it cannot be taken lightly, forcing some strategic decision-making. That said, some talents can help recover or spare this resource.

Dracthyr possesses several outstanding racial traits that are sure to exercise a major influence on the Evoker player experience. Perhaps the most notable among them is their knack for shifting between their draconic and humanoid shapes.

Other Evoker spells incorporate the unprecedented Hold and Release mechanic. The name “Hold and Release” is self-explanatory, as the player only needs to hold and release the cast button after a few seconds to use it. Extending the cast time through Hold and Release results in added effects, which increase upon reaching four, eight, or twelve-second thresholds. The Hold and Release system can be illustrated with the Fire Breath spell. Its ordinary form is a simple fire attack in a conical radius. If the player holds and release the cast button, they can enhance this attack with a damage-over-time component that gets stronger at higher thresholds.

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The spell arsenal of Dracthyr Evokers includes a variety of offensive, restorative, and buffing spells, with Hold and Release mechanics only adding more versatility to their build. Their specializations, Devastation, and Preservation, are based on different sides of their draconic heritage. The devastation comes with extra offensive powers, targeting enemies alone or in a group. Preservation offers a similarly varied selection of healing abilities. Additionally, both specializations command an array of utility spells, including some very effective party buffs.

Dracthyr Evoker Content in Previous Expansions

WoW Dracthyr content outside Dragonflight zones has been confirmed. In Shadowlands zones, Evokers will receive a single Covenant Ability from all Covenants, which consists of a passive bonus that can be raised by their sole Legendary Power and an active healing burst and Versatility buff. However, they also get a selection of ten Conduits and numerous Anima Powers in Torghast. Evokers who try to participate in the Legion storyline will not get an Order Hall or Artifact weapon of their own. Still, they will go through a short unique questline before being asked to choose their Legion questing region. Evoker class-specific content in previous expansions has not yet been revealed.

What Will Playing Dracthyr Evokers Be Like?

When it comes to what classes Evoker can be like, fans have initially drawn comparisons with Demon Hunter and sturdier casters such as Shaman. Between the Evoker Talent Calculator and Dragonflight alpha tester first impressions, we can now see that Evokers fill a unique niche despite their superficial similarities to other World of Warcraft classes.

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They are versatile mid-range casters that can be tailored to fill holes in many party compositions, whether as healers or as offensive casters—their hold and release mechanic and medium range focus risk leaving them vulnerable or wasting their effort. Battlefield awareness, positioning, and teamwork will be crucial for success.

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Dracthyr Evoker Hero Class FAQ

Can Dracthyr Only be Evokers?

Yes, at least in the Dragonflight expansion. That goes both ways, as only Dracthyr can be Evoker heroes. From the lore perspective, Dracthyr did not know other sources of power until now. Also, Dracthyr racial abilities and Evoker spells have been designed with each other in mind.

Can Dracthyr be Other Classes in Later Updates?

According to development team views stated in this article, alternative classes for Dracthyr heroes may become feasible at some point after Dragonflight. That said, so far there have been no indications as to what classes can a Dracthyr be besides Evoker.

What Level do Dracthyr Start at After Character Generation?

Like all Hero Classes in World of Warcraft, the Evokers benefit from an advanced start. Each Dracthyr Evoker starts their adventure at level 58.

Are There Any Limits on How Many Dracthyr Evokers a Player can Have?

Each Dragonflight expansion owner is permitted to roll up one Dracthyr Evoker per server. The first such hero has no other conditions, while later Evokers may only be made on servers where the player has at least one other adventurer who has reached level 50. Deleting an Evoker frees up its slot again. Based on the example of previous Hero Classes, those restrictions will be removed eventually, but not during this expansion.

When will Dracthyr be Playable?

Creating your Dracthyr Evoker will be unlocked for users with the WoW Dragonflight pre order once the second stage of the Dragonflight prepatch commences. That should be on November 15. Once the expansion proper goes live, all Dragonflight owners will get to make their own Dracthyr Evokers. Until then, fans can plan their builds using Evoker Talent Calculator pages.

What will Dracthyr Evoker Specializations be Like?

In Dragonflight, each Dracthyr Evoker must decide between two specializations: Devastation and Preservation. Both specs grant access to core Evoker mechanics, such as especially powerful Essence spells and abilities with adjustable hold and release effects. However, Devastation Evokers concentrate on the dealing of spell damage at medium range, whereas Preservation Evokers deliver party support and healing. Their would-be players can check out the specs’ exact powersets at the Devastation or Preservation Evoker Talent Calculator page, respectively. According to Ion Hazzikosta, a lead developer, a third Evoker specialization may be added at some later point, but it is unlikely to be a tank since Evokers are focused on mobility and spellcasting.

Are the Dracthyr Capable of Flight?

Within the Dragon Isles, Dracthyr heroes may glide instead of falling or rise to greater heights using a restricted version of the Dragonriding flight system introduced in Dragonflight. At least initially, such flight is impossible in content from previous World of Warcraft expansions, although Evokers will have full access to mounts.

Are the Dracthyr Forced to Assume their Draconic Shape for Combat?

Some Evoker powers can be cast in their humanoid Visage forms, but others draw on the true Dracthyr physiology. After activating such abilities, Evokers switch to their draconic forms and can only transform back after the fighting. This reverse transformation is optional.

Are Evokers Capable of Dual-wielding?

Like other spellcasters, Evokers can equip their Evoker class weapons along with off-hand caster items, but cannot dual-wield their weapons.