The timeskip in One Piece happens after the events at Sabaody Archipelago, at the end of chapter 597 or episode 516. It marks a significant shift in the story, as the Straw Hat crew members go their separate ways and undergo intense training for two years to become stronger and prepare for the New World.

During this timeskip, many weird things happened:

– Luffy’s body proportions changed drastically, including a significant increase in height, additional scars, and a more defined physique.

– Zoro trained under Mihawk and received a new, black sword.

– Nami improved her navigational skills and became proficient in creating and manipulating weather patterns using her new clima-tact.

– Usopp developed a muscular physique and gained better marksmanship skills with his new weapons.

– Sanji trained under the legendary chef Ivankov, learning new cooking techniques and developing a new fighting style known as “Black Leg Style: Diable Jambe.”

Overall, the timeskip allowed the Straw Hat crew to grow significantly stronger and develop new techniques and abilities, preparing them for the challenges that awaited them in the New World.

The Timeskip In One Piece

The Timeskip is two years in the One Piece universe where many interesting events occurred. It is a crucial plot point which divided the original manga into two arcs, where many characters were aged up two years and some even changed appearance or profession completely.

In this article, let’s look at what happened during the timeskip and how it affects the overall story of One Piece.

What is a Timeskip?

A timeskip is a narrative device used by authors to advance the story or plot of a series by jumping forward in time. In the world of manga and anime, one of the most famous timeskips occurred in the popular series One Piece.

The timeskip in One Piece happens after the conclusion of the Marineford War arc in chapter 597 of the manga and episode 516 of the anime. It involves a two-year time jump, during which the members of the Straw Hat Pirates train in preparation for the New World.

During the timeskip, several other strange events occur in One Piece, such as introducing new characters, a new Yonko (emperor), and revealing secrets about the world’s history and government. However, the focus remains on the main characters and their evolution during the time skip.

The timeskip was a bold move for the author Eiichiro Oda, as it allowed for significant character development and plot advancement, and became a turning point in the series’s history.

When Does The Timeskip Happen In One Piece

The Timeskip in One Piece occurred in Episode 517 of the anime and Chapter 598 of the manga, after the Straw Hat Pirates were separated at the Sabaody Archipelago. During this time, the Straw Hats trained to sharpen their skills and abilities, with Luffy training with Silvers Rayleigh to hone his Haki.

Among the other weird things during the Timeskip was the introduction of the Eleven Supernovas, a group of rookie pirates considered strong enough to take on the Shichibukai. The story also saw the rise of new antagonists, such as the powerful Yonko, Big Mom, and Kaido.

As the Straw Hats reunited after the Timeskip, they set sail towards the New World, ready to face new dangers and adventures together.

What Characters Were Introduced After the Timeskip?

The timeskip in One Piece occurs 2 years after the Straw Hat Pirates set sail from Sabaody Archipelago. During the timeskip, several new characters were introduced to the franchise.

1. Caribou – a former pirate and a Logia Devil Fruit user.

2. Brownbeard – a former subordinate of Caesar Clown and a pirate captain with a Zoan Devil Fruit power.

3. Pekoms – a lion mink and a member of the Big Mom Pirates.

4. Caesar Clown – a former scientist of Punk Hazard and a Logia Devil Fruit user.

5. Monet – a harpy and former assistant of Caesar Clown with a Logia Devil Fruit power.

Additionally, several established characters underwent significant changes during the timeskip, such as Franky’s cyborg transformation and Usopp’s physical growth. The timeskip allowed for significant character development and evolution, creating a fresh and exciting narrative for One Piece fans to enjoy.

Weird Things That Happened During The Timeskip

The timeskip in One Piece is one of the story’s most mysterious and strangest parts. After two years of the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures, the story takes a two year jump to follow up on the characters and catch up to their current location.

During this time, a lot of weird and unexplainable things happened. So let’s get into the details of what happened during the timeskip.

Luffy’s New Crew Members

The timeskip in “One Piece” takes place after the events of the Marineford War, where the Straw Hat Pirates fought against some of the strongest pirates and marines in the world. It lasts two years, during which the Straw Hat Pirates undergo rigorous training to become stronger and acquire new skills.

During the timeskip, several strange events happen, such as:

Event – Description

Nami’s hair grows longer, and she adopts a new style.

Sanji gets a facelift and new eyebrows.

Zoro acquires a new sword and is shown training with weights attached to his limbs.

Luffy learns a new fighting technique called “Haoshoku Haki,” which allows him to knock out opponents without fighting them.

After the timeskip, the Straw Hat Pirates reunite, and Luffy sets out to find new crew members to help him achieve his dream of becoming the Pirate King.

Change in Character Designs

In the One Piece anime/manga series, the timeskip takes place after the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, where the Straw Hat Pirates are separated for two years. During this period, some significant and weird events occurred, such as changes in character designs.

Some weird things that happened during the timeskip are:

No. Character Change

1. – Luffy – Muscular chest with an X-shaped scar

2. – Usopp – Gained weight and wears glasses

3. – Sanji – Grew a goatee and changed hairstyle

4. – Franky – New hairdo, sunglasses, bigger torso, and weapon system

The two-year timeskip in One Piece allowed the Straw Hat Pirates to train and grow physically and emotionally stronger. In addition, the character design changes help viewers differentiate the Straw Hat Pirates’ pre- and post-timeskip looks better.

New Abilities of the Straw Hat Crew

The Timeskip in One Piece happens after the Straw Hat Pirates rescue Robin from the hands of the government’s CP9 agents. Then, they disband and spend two years training in different parts of the world before reuniting at the Sabaody Archipelago. During this Timeskip, the Straw Hat Crew gains new abilities that make them stronger, faster, and more resilient.

Here are some of the weird things that happened during the Timeskip:

– Luffy learned advanced observation, armament, and conqueror’s Haki.

– Zoro learned to cut through fire and gained superior strength and swordsmanship.

– Nami developed new climate-based attacks and mastered the use of the Climatact.

– Usopp learned how to use plants to make medicine and developed new gadgets and inventions.

– Sanji learned new cooking techniques and gained superhuman strength and speed.

– Chopper learned how to control his transformations and developed new Rumble Balls.

– Robin gained enhanced physical strength and learned new infiltration and espionage techniques.

– Franky built a new body for himself, complete with upgraded weapons and gadgets.

– Brook learned to use ice-based attacks and gained new musical skills and abilities.

Pro Tip: The One Piece Timeskip is essential to the story and offers a glimpse into the characters’ growth and development.

Changes in the World Government

The Timeskip in One Piece refers to the break the Straw Hat Pirates took after their devastating battle at Marineford. The Timeskip occurred after Chapter 597 and lasted for two years, during which the Straw Hats dispersed to train and prepare for their future sea adventures.

Here are some other weird things that happened during the Timeskip:


1. The Revolutionary Army leaders met and discussed their plans to overthrow the World Government.

2. The Marineford war brought about significant changes in the World Government, with several new regulations being introduced to restrict the use of devil fruits and control the activities of pirates.

3. The Straw Hats each went on their separate training journey, with some encountering new allies and challenges along the way.

4. Supernovas gained significant power levels during the Timeskip, becoming even more formidable opponents to the Straw Hats.

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Impact Of The Timeskip On The Story

For those who don’t know, the Timeskip is two years in the popular anime, One Piece. It is a very important plot point in the story, as it is during this time that the characters undergo rapid changes in their abilities and personalities. The Timeskip also has repercussions and can be seen throughout the rest of the series.

Let’s investigate what went down during this period.

How Did the Timeskip Affect the Power Levels of the Straw Hat Crew?

The timeskip in One Piece happened two years after the Straw Hat crew’s separation at Sabaody Archipelago. The events of the timeskip are presented through flashbacks and references throughout the story, but not everything is revealed in chronological order. Some of the weird things that happened during the timeskip include:


  1. Luffy training with Rayleigh to master all three types of Haki.
  2. Franky upgraded the Thousand Sunny to make it a more powerful and functional ship.
  3. Nami improved her navigation skills and learned about the New World.
  4. Sanji trained in a Kamabakka Kingdom to perfect his cooking skills and increase his leg strength.
  5. Robin studies the Void Century on an island called Tequila Wolf.
  6. Zoro trained under Mihawk to enhance his swordsmanship.

After the timeskip, each member of the Straw Hat crew has become significantly stronger, with Luffy able to use all three types of Haki while the rest of the crew has also acquired new skills, abilities, and techniques. Overall, the timeskip was a crucial period for the Straw Hat crew as they prepared to take on the challenges of the New World.

The Role of the Timeskip in the Storytelling of One Piece

In the manga and anime series One Piece, the timeskip is a significant storytelling technique that impacts the narrative in numerous ways. The timeskip occurs after the Straw Hat Pirates’ war against The Marines in the Summit War Saga, lasting two years.

The timeskip helps the Straw Hat Pirates evolve and become physically and mentally stronger. When the story resumes after the timeskip, the characters have grown, changed their appearance, and mastered new abilities. This jump in time allows the show to introduce new and exciting villains and story arcs, making the series more interesting.

During the timeskip, many weird things happened to the Straw Hat Pirates, such as Luffy’s training with Rayleigh, Zoro’s mastery of swordsmanship, and the crew’s adventures. This character development helped flesh out each character’s personality and backstory, making One Piece entertaining and deep.

Pro tip: If you want to start watching One Piece, don’t skip the timeskip as it is essential to the narrative’s evolution.

The Importance of the Timeskip in Luffy’s Journey to Becoming the Pirate King

The timeskip in One Piece after the Marineford War marked a significant turning point in Luffy’s journey to become the Pirate King. It allowed several characters to undergo drastic changes, including a massive power-up for the Straw Hat Pirates and a new direction for the series.

The timeskip happened after Luffy and his crew were separated and reunited two years later, stronger and more determined than ever before.

During this time, several other important events happened:

– Robin devoted her time to studying the Poneglyphs, hoping to find the true history of the Void Century.

– Sanji trained under a floating restaurant’s head chef to improve his cooking and fighting skills.

– Zoro trained under Mihawk, improving his swordsmanship and becoming stronger.

Most importantly, the time skip allowed the Straw Hats to gain experience, train harder and prepare themselves for the perils ahead on their journey towards the coveted title.

The timeskip’s significance cannot be overstated, as it elevated the story’s stakes and the characters’ journey, making way for some of the most thrilling and action-packed arcs in the series.