There are many misconceptions about how slot machines work. To get big payouts, various myths about slot machines are believed not only by beginners but also by experienced players. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the most popular myths about slot machines at online casinos.

The Winning Streak Always Comes After a Losing Streak

Some people believe the slot machine is a deity that must be placated with a sacrifice in the form of a large sum of money. Strangely enough, many to this myth get a high from big losses after the first spins of the reels. They believe that after that, a wave of cool combinations will follow.

However, the chance to get a big payout has nothing to do with how many spins you made. The maximum sequence of symbols can be collected even after the first start of the reels. If you somehow want to influence the result of gambling entertainment, choose forms of gambling that also require certain skills, like betting on sports at 22Bet.

Changing Bets Helps to Beat Slot Machines

Many gamblers who wonder how to cheat slot machines believe that changing the bet will help to achieve cool results.


This myth is used by various scammers who sell “secret” schemes and strategies. From them, you can often hear the “secret” information they learned from the developers or with the help of their algorithms. Of course, you should not believe in such nonsense.

No matter how you do not combine bets, the results of spins will always depend solely on the random number generator. Also, nothing can affect the mathematical preponderance of slots and their volatility.

If You Follow Certain Strategies, You Can Beat the Slots

Some users blindly trust various strategies for playing online slots. But since no single scheme can influence the random number generator, a system can simply help make the game more orderly. In addition, by often trying to play by systems and their methods, gamblers lose the true enjoyment of the game.

Of course, such strategies do not affect the mathematical superiority of the casino. Their plus is a more diverse game, as well as the ability to monitor the bankroll more. You can independently check the effectiveness of the most popular strategies for slot machines.

If Ripped Off a Big Score, the Slot Machine is Time to Change

This is one of the most common myths. Often, users believe that a slot machine is not able to give a big win if it has already paid out a large sum before. Therefore, they choose another slot or even change casinos.


The result of each spin does not depend on the previous one. There are many examples where the same apparatus for one evening users broke big winnings several times in a row. Of course, in any game, you should be able to stop in time so as not to exceed the limit of the amount that you are not sorry to spend on gambling entertainment.

Do Not Trust Fate – Press the “Stop” Yourself

Some modern slot machines assume the function of independent stop spins. This creates an illusory feeling that you can somehow influence the game. Many users press hard on the “stop” button to catch the desired combination.

However, the random number generator determines the result of the rotation immediately after pressing the “start”. The only thing that the player will achieve with the option of self-stopping the drums – is a faster game. Naturally, such practice does not give results. However, there are random coincidences because of which players continue to trust such a technique.

There are still a lot of myths about slot machines. It would take more than one article to list them all. Gamble responsibly, and don’t believe in myths!