One of the most widespread gambling entertainment at present is the classic casino games, without which it is impossible to imagine almost any gambling establishment. One of those timeless classics is poker, an exciting game of chance that combines the luck and skill required to succeed in this area. Millions of players around the world choose reliable casinos with fast payouts, play poker for real money, and get the opportunity to pick up impressive cash rewards if they win. True, not all of them manage to reach real heights in this matter. For example, a well-known poker player and crypto investor named Wesley Fei did.

Are you familiar with this name? Experienced poker players have probably heard a lot about this professional. If this name is not yet familiar to you, we suggest you take a closer look at him and find out how he is doing on the world stage at present.

Who is Wesley Fei?

Wesley Fei is a professional poker player and crypto investor originally from the United States. His place of birth is Guangzhou, China, but the future millionaire has been living in the United States since childhood. His major at UCLA was computer science, and it was during this time that he became interested in gambling, particularly – poker. While still a student, he began to study the rules of the game in detail and actively played it with his friends. When he discovered that he had a special talent, he decided that he would take poker more seriously and literally devoted his life to this pastime.


Wesley Fei initially gained fame in Southern California, playing in local tournaments and cash games. He was recognized quite quickly, as he was good at playing. His next step was to actively participate in Hustler Casino live broadcasts. During this time, he gained a reputation as a rather aggressive player with an individual style who was able to calculate in advance what move his opponent would make next. This, perhaps, was his main secret of popularity and success in the poker industry.

While Fay was gaining success in poker, he also became interested in cryptocurrencies. He became known for his very large investments.

What is the Net Worth of Wesley Fei Today?

Today, there is no exact information about the size of the fortune that poker player Wesley Fei has. However, experts believe that he acquired his main capital not while playing poker but thanks to his investments in cryptocurrencies that are becoming increasingly popular in crypto online casinos. This is evidenced by the words of the player himself during his interview with PokerNews in 2020. In it, he said that he began making his investments in digital money back in 2015, which allowed him to make a significant profit from his investments.

Wesley Fei has currently managed to make several successful trades in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. According to reports, Fei’s net worth is in the millions of dollars.

Features of Wesley Fei’s Poker Career

First of all, Wesley Fei earned his fame and the beginning of his million-dollar capital thanks to playing poker.


Over the history of his game, the gambler has had many impressive prizes. One of the first of these was winning the Monster Stack $1,100 No-limit Hold’em tournament at the World Series of Poker Circuit Bicycle Casino for $76,255. This event took place back in 2019. In addition, the player’s impressive victories include his fifth place in the $350 No-limit Hold’em tournament at LAPC 2018.

In general, Wesley Fei plays in high-bet cash games quite often. It is also known that the player turned into a successful entrepreneur who founded the investment company Infinite Decentralization Capital.

Is Everything that Perfect?

Learning about the history of the player Wesley Fei, it seems as if his life is a fairy tale, where everything is as perfect as possible. But recently, information has appeared on the Internet that leaves some stains on the poker player’s impeccable reputation.

For example, in June 2023, it was reported that a millionaire gambler attempted to bluff a poker legend in a record-breaking $3.1 million hand. Specifically, during a high-stakes poker session on Tuesday at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California, he used a three-barreled bluff in an attempt to get rid of legendary player Tom Dwan.

After the event took place, Hustler Casino Live reported that a total of 58,000 people were watching at one point during the livestream. This was the most impressive result in the history of poker streaming.

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