Want to become a pro at the newly released Counter-Strike 2 and wow all your friends by wiping the floor with your opponents on every single match? Want to show them you’ve got what it takes and run rings around your opponents? We know the feeling – nobody likes staring at the screen having just lost a match, feeling the disappointment creep in and the frustration follow. So, what skills do you need to master to become a true pro in this world and perhaps even get to the level of the esports gamers?

The vast majority of competitive modern video games require basic skills like fast reaction times, good teamwork, good motor skills, etc., but those generic traits won’t be enough to set you apart in a round of CS2 – you’ve got to dig deeper and get better. Let’s check it out!

Elevate Your Aiming

Shooting blindly at anything that moves will let you take home the gold in some games – but not in CS2, where the precision is a huge factor instead. Being able to shoot an opponent directly in the head is an effective way to instantly eliminate them, but of course, the head is a small target and tends to be moving around. That makes it hard to hit consistently, even for experienced gamers.

You should spend time working on this; don’t just shoot at random when you see an opponent but try to narrow down your aim so that you hit the character in the critical spot. You’ll probably suffer quite a few deaths yourself as you start getting to grips with this, but it’s well worth that sacrifice, because you’ll have boosted your ability to take down opponents in one shot – bam. That makes you a lethal player and is one of the best ways to flatten the other team.

If you want to improve your aim in other ways too, did you know you can use aim training maps to massively bump up your skills? Okay, it may not be as fun as just playing CS2 normally, but if you’re looking to really grind and improve your aiming skills, these are a great option.

Learn The Maps

Always play your favorite map, no matter what? Ditch that approach! You need to diversify and mix it up if you want to become a great CS2 player. There are lots of maps out there and different layouts will require different strategies from you – meaning your brain must engage more fully with the world and possibilities of CS2. You’ll find this sharpens your strategy skills and leaves your opponents in the dust.


If you were a CS: GO player and you think you know all the maps, you might be in for a surprise! CS2 upgraded and updated basically everything, and there are enough changes that many players are treating them as new maps in terms of strategizing. A lot of your existing knowledge will certainly carry across, but it’s really crucial to spend time relearning the new landscape of this game. The esports world is moving forward, and you need to move with it!

Review Your Games

One of the best ways to improve your overall gameplay is to put time into reviewing your games and seeing what has gone well and what has gone badly. Where are your weak spots? When are you getting hit? Where are you missing opportunities to take down your opponents?

Look out for patterns and places where you’re failing, and then work on specifically honing those areas to eliminate your weaknesses. The true pros know where they fall, and they spend time training in those areas so that they can present the strongest front possible. Reviewing your matches may not be the most entertaining part of playing CS2, but it’s a sure way to elevate your gameplay and make yourself a stronger player so you can compete with other esports champions.

Coupled with that strategy, you should absolutely spend time reviewing what other top players are doing and how they make themselves the best of the best. Watch tournaments and deconstruct the strategies of the pros to find out what sets them apart and why they’ve got thousands of people betting on them to win – because esports are a huge business and has massive prize pools behind it.

Those people got there by being really, really good at their games, and if you seriously put the time into learning from them, you can massively boost your own success. You might even want to cast a few bets yourself (trust us, this will seriously increase how invested you feel in the matches), and you can find the latest betting odds at https://thunderpick.io/en/esports/cs2-betting, where the top matches and the best of the best are on display for the world to see.  


If you don’t fancy wagering and you just want to become one of those amazing professionals at the top of the esports game, employing these tricks should help you out. Remember too that regular practice, good team communication, and having a cheerful outlook about what is coming can also make a dramatic difference to your abilities as a player.