Those who love marijuana should check out these dream games they might not know exists! Cannabis enthusiasts’ dream games are the next step in marijuana simulations and online games. 

You’ll get to meet a colorful ensemble of characters and start your very own weed farm, complete with a variety of marijuana varieties and mushrooms. But be sure to stay safe and protected from troublemakers! There are several ways to get in trouble, but the game is easy enough to play for casual players.


RePlanted is a weed role-playing game. In this game, you play as a young weed grower named Ted. Your goal is to make money and meet friends along the way. As your business grows, you’ll get more customers and new varieties of bud! You can even buy magic mushrooms, which grow in a mysterious way! Getting high can be a lot of fun, so check out the game today!

The game’s premise is simple: you run a marijuana farm. You must choose the best managers, grow seeds that develop large yields, harvest them, and package them. And while you’re growing marijuana, you also have to manage your staff, make decisions, and sell it to other players! There are also dozens of other features, including pot in baked goods, but the best part is that it’s free!

Nug Hunt

If you’re an adult, this game is for you. You’re required to have weed to play, and your goal is to make everyone in the game take hits. You can play this game while watching your favorite TV show or movie. You can also have a music party by cutting songs or limiting the time for each song. It’s a great time to indulge and get high on berry pie strain of cannabis!


The ultimate stoner game, PaRappa the Rapper is the perfect weed-related game. You’ll find yourself playing with a high dose of weed, which makes the game borderline impossible. As your weed levels increase, so do the challenges you’re facing. As the levels get harder and the players become faster, the results become even funnier. The best part?

Hold Your Smoke

A different game, Hold Your Smoke, is very similar to beer pong. The object of the game is to hold on to your ganja for as long as possible while passing it to the next player. Once you get your ganja back, it is time to pass it along to the next player. As you get closer to the finish line, your smoke will last longer. There are two modes for this game.

Weed Firm 2

Unlike most games with a marijuana theme, Weed Firm 2 also has intergalactic aliens. Your objective is to cultivate high-quality indoor seeds and sell marijuana and other plants and products and earn money in the process. The game has more than 20 levels, and you can earn real cash by weed selling! As a bonus, players can get high by growing and selling the best kinds of cannabis and mushroom varieties.

The game is an addictive buying and selling game. Though not specifically centered on cannabis, the Weed Edition is a great addition. You’ll be able to buy all types of marijuana in different cities and earn cash. The key is to buy cheaply, sell for the highest price! The best part? It’s completely legal. Weed Firm 2 also allows you to get high while you play!

Baked Marijuana

If you’re a recreational smoker, you can play a game called Baked Marijuana. The objective is to get baked to death. The player who has the longest hit wins, and the other player must take their turn. This game can be played by two players and is better with more than one player. To play, you must have a bong. Use the bong to pass the marijuana to players and have everyone take turns to hit the joint.


Another game is called Horse. This is a basketball game where you must shoot your opponent from the same spot, and if you miss, you get the letter ‘Blunts.’ If you miss all six shots, you lose and must decide who’s the winner! A few of these games are extremely addictive, and you’ll have a great time! Take a look!