Video games in today’s world

The popularity of computer games is growing every day. Children and adults are spending more and more time on this activity, which makes us think about how to use playing games for good – first of all, for learning. What video games are not accused of – and in a bad effect on the psyche of children and adults, in the escalation of violence, and in total insomnia, and the spread of an epidemic of loneliness around the planet.

However, studies show that certain types of video games can improve brain function when performing a narrow set of tasks. A number of studies have also shown their effectiveness in mastering a foreign language, and learning mathematics, and science. This is potentially good news for pupils and students and for the millions of people who love to play or can’t stop doing it.

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A few statistics

About 25% of people in the world play video games. The age of a gamer has no limits – it can be a 6-year-old kid or maybe a 40-year-old owner of a private company. Games are great entertainment that brings a lot of joy to their fans.

More than half of people (58%) believe that video games do more harm than good while noting the negative impact on the psyche and manifestations of aggressive behavior. Also, 54% of citizens have a bad attitude towards the passion for games of relatives. Two years ago, the World Health Organization finally decided to list online and video game addiction as a disease.

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How video games affect the brain

It turns out that video games can change how the brain works. Studies show that video games do not make people aggressive, but, on the contrary, develop reactions, and improve vision and attentiveness. You can see the following changes:

1 . Games improve eyesight

The experience of playing first-person shooters develops a person’s ability to distinguish between shades of gray, which is very useful in everyday life. In addition, games train the visual cortex of the brain. It learns to correctly recognize signals, as well as compensate for an insufficiently clear picture.

2. Gamers are much more attentive

They perform better on tests of conflict resolution between form and content when the test subject is shown words written in colored letters. For example, “blue” – in red, “yellow” – in green, etc., and the person must name the color of the font. Gamers get the job done faster than those who don’t play video games.

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3. Gamers have increased concentration

Several people took part in the test where they had to track several moving dots. The difficulty is that there are a lot of them on the screen and they are all the same color. The experiment showed that people who do not play games can track 1-3 points at the same time, while gamers can track 4-6.

Thus, scientists have found that games affect several areas of the brain that are responsible for mindfulness: the parietal and frontal cortex.

It is worth noting that all games without exception, like any other way of influencing the pleasure center of the brain, can cause addiction. If abused, there is a chance that the gamer will get fatigued, irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. But this is in case of abuse. If you know the measure and play in doses, then you can benefit from such a pastime.


All tests come down to one thing – games contribute to the development of the brain. Of course, they will not make you a genius, but they will help improve concentration and attention, which will come in handy when studying the sciences.

Games are not the scourge of modernity and not universal evil. Video games are one of the development tools that need to be used properly. Remember, only play good games, and don’t forget to improve yourself.