Music is an essential part of playing in either land or online casinos. With it, players get to feel more immersed in their games. It also makes them feel more hyped to keep playing and winning.

Throughout the years, players already had a knack for choosing the best music that will keep them pumped as they play. This made pop artists like Tekno Miles highly popular for those who want some funky music while playing.

With his impressive passion for music, Bitcasino, a renowned online casino, tapped him to join the team as one of their ambassadors. By signing Tekno Miles, it is official that Bitcasino partners with esports team, two musicians and a hockey team.

For those who aren’t that familiar with Tekno Miles yet, here are a few facts to know more about him:

Who is Tekno Miles

Augustine Miles Kelechi, also known as Tekno Miles, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer. He was given the nickname Tekno because he was dubbed as ‘Nigeria’s Chris Brown’. With his popularity, he was also given other nicknames such as ‘Golden Boy of Africa’, ‘Slim Daddy’, and ‘Alhaji Tekno’.

Tekno Miles is a great performer who took the country by storm with his fresh beats and catchy lyrics. Aside from Afrobeat, he is also known for being a great artist in other genres like RnB and hip hop.

He is now considered a global icon who has millions of followers on his social media accounts and millions of views on music videos. In Nigeria, he is considered one of the richest artists since his net worth in 2020 is around $2.5 million.

Aside from his impressive music career, he is also known for being active when it comes to online gambling. This is the reason why he was tapped by Bitcasino to be its ambassador. By doing so, he is given a chance to show the world another side of online casino gaming with his craft.

Popular hits

Tekno Miles produced a lot of catchy songs throughout his career. By playing his songs, players will have a great time playing as they place more bets and be more inspired to win. For those who are looking for some catchy songs to add to their playlists, here are some Tekno Miles’ songs to listen to:

●          Pana

Also known as one of his greatest hits, this song should be included on the playlist of those who love to listen to Tekno’s songs as they play. With its African drumming sound and an overall compelling beat, players will surely be more excited to keep playing when they hear this!

●          Mufasa

Mufasa is another catchy song that can perfectly be played while spinning some slot games. With its empowering lyrics and upbeat tune, players can be more eager to dance and win at the same time.

●          Duro

With its catchy beat and sweet lyrics, this is known as one of his greatest hits. It is no longer surprising that this has earned him three nominations and an award at the 9th Nigeria Music Video Awards.


Tekno Miles has already earned several nominations throughout his music career. So far, he has already three major awards to his name for his contributions to the industry. Here are the awards he has won:

●          (2015) Best Pop Extra Video in the 9th Nigeria Music Video Awards for ‘Duro’

●          (2016) Best New Act in the MTV Africa Music Awards 2016

●          (2016) Song of the Year in the Soundcity MVP Awards Festival

As a Bitcasino ambassador

Tekno’s popularity made him an ambassador for Bitcasino where he can share his love for casino games and music at the same time. By sharing with his followers and supporters the amazing side of gaming, people can be more motivated to play.

As Bitcasino partners with esports team, two musicians and a hockey team, playing can be more enjoyable for people, especially when they know that even popular figures are enjoying the same things as them! More importantly, they can have a great time playing, especially by playing some Tekno Miles songs on blast!