eSports or competitive gaming is a real thing. Better yet, it is a very lucrative real thing for millions of online gamers who have made huge chunks of money playing their favorite video games. Yes, eSports competitions are sprouting up all over the globe, drawing some of the best video gamers the world has ever seen.

Given the fact so many gamers now consider themselves to be professional gamers, it’s reasonable to expect that gamers have developed what would be considered “tools of the trade.” Tools of the trade for gamers would include quality VR goggles, game controllers, and high-quality audiphile headphones for gamers.

In case you are wondering, having a good set of headphones can give gamers a competitive edge. That’s made clear by the amount of money that top eSports competitors are investing in their ability to communicate with both competitors and teammates. To help you understand why a good pair of headphones could give you a competitive edge as a gamer, here are five (5) reasons it might be time to go shopping.

Eliminating External Noise

When gamers a lining up against opponents with a big purse on the line, they have to be able to concentrate on the task at hand, beating the opponents. If there are other kinds of noise in the background, that other noise can do nothing more than disturb a gamer’s ability to concentrate.

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Thanks to the development of new technologies in gaming, many brands of top headphones now come equipped with a noise canceling feature. The feature involves the use of tiny external microphones that receive noise from the outside. These microphones feed the external noise into microchips in the gaming headset where they are hit with a counter-signal, which effectively cancels out the external noise.

Creating the Perfect Gaming Environment

A good set of headphones will do more than block out unwanted external noise. They will also serve to allow gamers to create the perfect online gaming environment. What is the perfect online gaming environment?

Imagine you getting ready for an important eSports event. Unfortunately, you find yourself surrounded by family and friends who are busy doing their own things. To offset the distraction of others, you don your headphones, which thrusts you right into the game you are ready to play. While concentrating on the sights and sounds of your game, a good headset might allow you to completely get lost in the game as your surroundings become mute.

Allows for Gaming Activities Under Difficult Circumstances

Sometimes, gamers find themselves having to dial into an eSports competition from a less-than-ideal location. A less-than-ideal location might be a coffee shop or dinner at the parent’s house. In such environments, gaming becomes difficult because the sounds of the game might interfere with what everyone else has going on. It’s a distraction for them and the gamer.

A good set of headphones equipped with a quality internal communication mechanism would allow the gamer to move forward with their competition without interrupting others.

BTW: eSports is an international phenomenon. It’s quite common for gamers in one part of the world to find themselves competing in the wee hours of the morning against competitors in other parts of the world. Yes, headphones work very well at letting the family sleep while the gamer is doing their thing.

Enhance the Gaming Experience From a Sound Perspective

The sights and sounds of video games play a big role in the enjoyment of the gaming experience. It’s startling how much of a role the quality of headphones will play in creating the right sound quality. If a gamer wants to get the full impact of a game from a sound perspective, they will have to go with the highest quality headset that they can afford.

Promotes Reliable Team Communication

Top eSports competitions are held at the individual and team levels. Teams can be comprised of as few as two members (2) up to as many as six (6) members for some of the world’s most elite eSports competitions.

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Remember, a lot of team-based first-person shooter competitions require an optimal level of communication between team members. At the same time, team members are communicating, their hands much be freed up to manipulate their game controllers. It takes a very good set of headphones with a reliable internal intercom to permit gamers to effectively communicate with teammates while handling their own game responsibilities.