Welcome to DayZ’s land of Chernarus. But if you’ve been on the game before now, you probably already know you’re not entirely welcome. Almost everything is after your life, including the elements and other players.

Moreover, you’ll only have the clothes on your back and a little supply at the start. So, you must find other necessary supplies to survive in this strange land. Fairly enough, you can still make the most out of the game if you follow the tips we’ll share below.

Furthermore, you’ll do better with powerful DayZ hacks at your disposal. But keep reading to grab the tips first.

Survival Tips for Beginners in DayZ

Check out these survival tips before you begin playing DayZ.

Find Some Food and Water

Hunger and thirst are core factors in DayZ. Once you spawn into Chernarus, your hunger and thirst meter deplete with time. Before you explore other aspects of the game, find something to sate your tummy first.

So, where do you find food and water? If you’re around civilian houses, you’ll find canned food items inside. You’ll also find water pumps and bottles. If you’re in the forest, be on the hunt for fruits and mushrooms.

Get a Knife Alongside Your First Pickaxe

It’s a game of survival; you need many things, including tools. First, craft yourself a pickaxe. With the pickaxe, you can mine for wood and stone. The pickaxe also doubles as a lethal weapon when you run into any unfriendly players.

Your second-best pick is a knife. The knife allows you to access the food inside cans without spilling. Plus, you can silently kill an enemy or animals for meat. While you may find knives as you explore DayZ, you can also craft them with stones harvested with the pickaxe.

Know Where to Look

Chernarus is a large place with enough room for all the players to exist independently. So, you’ll spend most of the time wandering around and picking loot. But then, you need to know what you want and the right place to look for them. Our first port of call is the Piano House. You’ve probably come across a big house with three doors and a piano inside – that’s the Piano house. Here, you’ll find different items ranging from food to clothing and weapons.

At police stations, you’ll find weapons and clothing. Look in the nearest military tents for the best military items like backpacks, clothing, weapons, attachments, and others. But you must approach these locations with caution to avoid walking into an ambush.

Pack up Some Healing Items

We wouldn’t blame naïve beginners on DayZ who let morphine slip past when they enter a hospital. You’ll eventually get a fractured limb in the game. This means you’re incapable of any movement, whether crawling, walking, or running. A morphine dose will help you heal.

Also, you can repair the fracture using a wooden splint. But we recommend morphine injections since they heal faster and are conservative as they only occupy a single slot. If you have only a single morphine injection, resist the urge to use it on a fractured arm. You can do better with a defunct arm than with a bad leg.

Avoid Crowded Servers

You already have much to worry about getting along with DayZ’s fundamentals. You’ll have to learn the map, learn to make a fire, craft tools, mine resources, and lots more. You also have broken limbs, hunger, and thirst to threaten your life.

So, having a veteran player take you out from the bushes a few minutes after you spawn is the last thing you want. The scantier the server is, the better it is for you to learn the ropes in the game. Familiarize yourself with everything in the game while playing on small servers. Only launch into the larger ones when you’re confident of your skill level.

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You’ll Need Some Good Firearms

With your pickaxe or knife, you can hold off unarmed zombies. But you’ll eventually run into real PVP players with better weapons. Some of these players could be experienced DayZ survivors with a gun. If they see you first, you’re as good as dead. So, you must find a gun as soon as possible. Military tents and the Piano House are the best places to look. Gun houses and police stations also have their fair share of good firearms, including AKs and MP5-Ks.


DayZ offers unique gameplay that will leave adventurous gamers with enough to stay busy. As a beginner, three things are important. Firstly, get the basic resources needed to stay alive. They include food, water, clothing, and painkillers/medicines. Secondly, learn to craft tools. Thirdly, know what items you need for any situation and where to find them. As a bonus, learn the ropes on servers with fewer players.