Online gambling has been around for several years, but the pandemic was a catalyst for the industry. With the virus shutting down casinos across the US, millions of gamblers switched to online casinos. That was when countless new users joined the bandwagon to deal with the isolation or make extra bucks.

In 2023, the market size of online casinos touched a staggering $9.5 billion. Statistics show that 17% of regular gamblers play slots online. The numbers look great, and the ground reality is even better, with sweepstakes casinos emerging as real winners. With these websites, you can play with sweep coins instead of real money and later convert your wins into cash.

The concept may sound confusing to beginners, but these casinos are a great place to start your stint with online casinos. You may have several questions about sweepstakes casinos, from their legality to safety, gaming options, and more. Here are a few facts to understand the real deal with them.

You Can Play Without Real Money

Gambling without real money may sound complicated, but sweepstakes casinos make it possible. A regular online casino operates like a land-based one, where you use cash for deposits and withdrawals. In a sweepstakes casino, you don’t transact directly in cash but play with virtual currencies called sweep coins.


Once you play and win sweep coins, you can trade them for cash. It means you can eventually make money in these casinos. But the process is a roundabout one instead of straightforward cash wins. Platforms like provide a complete list of sweepstakes casinos where you can play and win legitimately.

You Get a Sign-Up Bonus in Most Sweepstakes Casinos

Nothing sounds better than gambling without money, right? That’s just the tip of the iceberg for sweepstakes newbies. Another great thing about these websites is that most of them offer a sign-up bonus to new users. If you think the offer is too good to be true, you can click here for more info to get a confident start.


The great thing about trying your luck with bonus coins is that you can play without spending anything. You don’t have to stress about losing anything, even as a beginner. On the other hand, you can win big and redeem sweep coins to convert them into cash. Even if you don’t redeem them right away, that’s a good way to start building your bankroll for future sessions.

Legality Is Not a Concern

As of December 2022, online casinos were only legal in six states. These include Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Several others expect to follow suit in the near future. But restrictions apply only to websites that deal directly in cash. With sweepstakes casinos, legality is not a concern because they are legal everywhere.


You don’t have to miss out on the thrill of online gambling only because you aren’t in or near a legal state. Neither do you have to stress about planning a trip to Vegas to try your luck in a real casino. Sweepstakes casinos bring legal gambling rights to your fingertips, regardless of your location in the country.

You Can Practice Without Risking Real Money

Perhaps the best thing about playing in a sweepstakes casino is that you can play without risking real money. All you need is a legitimate website that offers free gold coins to practice, develop skills, and gain your footing as a beginner. You can even try skill-based games and learn them without spending a dollar.


For example, sweep coins are a great option for online slots as they give you a chance to understand how each slot works. If you are lucky enough, you may hit a jackpot. Those who don’t win can learn valuable lessons. Most importantly, you have peace of mind regarding not having to pay anything for the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sweep coins real money?

Sweepstakes casinos provide virtual currencies (sweeps coins) instead of real money for gamers looking to play casino-style games. Players can purchase these coins for real money and convert them into money after winning them. They also get free coins as sign-up bonuses.

How to redeem sweeps coins?

Redeeming sweeps coins for real cash prizes is a straightforward process. You have to give payment information and proof of identity to the sweepstakes casino and follow the steps it provides.

How can players win money in sweepstakes?

Players can maximize their chances of winning in sweepstakes casinos by entering as many sweepstakes as possible. Likewise, smaller sweepstakes give a better chance of winning because they have less competition.


Sweepstakes casinos enable you to practice your skills and enjoy games such as slots, poker, or other games of chance. The best part is that you can play without real money and still make some money gambling. You don’t have to rely on purchases as a beginner as most platforms give sweep coins for free as welcome bonuses. You can use them to create a starting point and build your bankroll from there.