In the natural world, there is an amazing variety of animals that amaze us with their beauty, uniqueness, and mystery. Some of them are so rare that hearing about them can be considered a real success. They live in remote corners of the globe or hide deep underwater, practically remaining invisible to the human eye.

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Pelican Eel

This creature can be seen at a depth of 3 km, in the darkest places of the ocean. The largemouth has such a large mouth that it can swallow prey that is larger than it. Unfortunately, we do not know much about this amazing animal because the waters of the world’s oceans have not yet been fully explored. All we know is that this bigmouth looks like he is a relative of the alien from the movie “Alien”.

Giant Shark

It is the second largest fish species after the whale shark. This shark can have more than 100 small sharp teeth in one row. Despite its huge size and intimidating appearance, this animal is not aggressive and is quite harmless to humans. But I understand why people stay away from him. This fish is very scary.

Fantastic Leaf-Tailed Gecko or Satanic Gecko

This is the real name of this gecko, and he deserves it. The Satanic gecko living in Madagascar feeds on almost everything it can catch – crickets, flies, spiders, cockroaches, snails, and even mice.


For days, he hangs motionless among the branches of trees or, in search of prey, descends to the ground, where he hides among fallen leaves. Thanks to its natural camouflage, the gecko is completely invisible. This frankly frightening lizard is a perfect example of natural selection.

Raincoat Shark

The cape shark is called a living fossil. For the first time, this shark appeared on our planet more than 80 million years ago, and since then, it has not changed much. This rare animal lives only at great depths in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. That is why it does not pose a danger to humans. Although it happened a couple of times that scientists cut their fingers on the sharp edges of shark teeth.

Honey Ant

These ants use their bodies as living vessels to store honey. When there is not enough food in the colony, these insects feed other ants. Among some peoples, for example, the aborigines of Australia, honey ants are considered a delicacy. In nature, these creatures live deep underground. Sometimes, because of the large bellies, which can reach the size of a grape, these ants are not able to move independently.


These insects are so valuable that raiders from other colonies, first of all, try to steal these “honey vessels”. After all, they contain water and nutrients necessary for ants.


This terrible creature is just an ordinary sea lamprey, one of the jawless fish. This parasite, like a drill, crashes into the body of the fish and begins to suck its blood. If the lamprey is hungry, then it can attack a person. This animal is like a brainless blood-sucking machine from a sci-fi horror movie.