The Importance of Evolving of the US Gambling Market

feature importance of evolving of the us gambling market - The Importance of Evolving of the US Gambling Market

Did you know that the U.S. casino industry is making over billions of dollars each year? But they might not continue doing so as there have been signs of decline in their gaming revenue.

Many old timers in terms of gambling spend most of their money on gambling, while they just put some money on their entertainment and food.

However, this isn’t the case anymore and casinos are seeing more people who are spending the majority of their money on food and entertainment.

Now, the US gambling market knew that their way of marketing should change because they’re simply not attracting enough gamers these days.

Socialization Instead of Gaming

post socialization instead of gaming - The Importance of Evolving of the US Gambling Market

The millennials are no longer as excited as casino gamblers have been in the old days. That’s why US casinos are trying to change their concept and one of these transformations are their transition to socializing instead of gaming.

It had been discussed that gaming is more popular when added with an element of socializing. This is why areas within casinos are being redesigned to focus more on socializing.

They make this possible by adding some elements such as sports in casinos, like football, billiards, shuffleboard, making it more of a hangout place rather than being a casino. This made it better for them though, since millennials became more interested in going to casinos.

This just proved that adding a bit of a social aspect to games can attract more gamers to play it.

These relaxed lounges and rooms are even better when it comes to attracting big groups of gamblers, as they can relax, chat, and play games in the same town without gambling anything.

Skill vs. Luck

post skill vs luck - The Importance of Evolving of the US Gambling Market

For decades, casino games have been seen as a game of chance and you just have to rely on your luck, especially when it comes to slot machines.

However, due to the fact that millennials are more inclined to playing video games that rely on skills, slot games are just not attractive anymore.

That’s why now, casinos are creating more spinoffs to the old classic games to make it even more dependent on skills rather than on pure luck.

It’s important to remember that gamers are changing, and this is only one of the many changes they’ve undergone up until now. With that said, the casino market is also adjusting and surely, they’ll transform now just as they did before.

In-Depth Review of the Impact of Restaurants on Gambler Expenditure and Satisfaction

feature in depth review of the empact to gambler - In-Depth Review of the Impact of Restaurants on Gambler Expenditure and Satisfaction

Sometimes, you’ll find casinos that have a lot of positive reviews, helping them attract new customers as well as retain regular customers. It’s already an established fact that incentives play a part in this phenomenon, but how does it really work?

Here we look at the impact of restaurants on how gamblers spend their money, as well as increase their satisfaction making them provide good reviews online.

Tiers and Levels of Player Rewards Programs

There are tiers of these incentives depending on the customer’s gambling behavior. An example of this is when incentives are categorized from Gold to Diamond or Seven Stars. Each tier may provide a certain benefit and as the level gets higher, these benefits become better.

post operate - In-Depth Review of the Impact of Restaurants on Gambler Expenditure and Satisfaction

How Do Casino Operators Determine Customer’s Tier?

Typically, casino operators determine a customer’s tier depending on their monetary value, that is, how much the casino can win from that customer (or how much the customer can lose to the casino).

The Effect of Player Rewards Program Levels

After determining what the customer’s monetary worth is, they may be categorized using the levels such as Gold, Silver, or whatever the casino may call it. The highest level requiring the best marketing effort, while the lowest requiring a simple marketing tool.

Somewhere along this line are casino restaurants, which is a pretty effective marketing tool and may even be in the highest levels of a player rewards programs.

Dining options or restaurants are typically offered to all customers, but the effort given to it depends on their level. For example, a new customer may be offered a burger for $10, while a regular customer that is willing to lose $1000 every day in the casino may be offered a 24-hour café or a buffet for a certain price.

So, if you’ve been thinking of casino restaurants to be the profit-makers, then you’re wrong. They are merely used as a marketing tool for one reason, and that reason is already proven to be correct.

post behavior - In-Depth Review of the Impact of Restaurants on Gambler Expenditure and Satisfaction

How Does Dining Affect Gambling Behavior?

Restaurants are found to stimulate the gaming of a customer, as well as increase the frequency of that customer visiting the casino. This is especially true when it comes to local and regional casinos, as they don’t usually make revenue from nongaming sources such as restaurants, other than using it as a marketing tool.

For example, a casino made $1.4 billion in a year as their net revenue, most of it came from gaming revenues amounting to $1.5 billion that year. So, what happened to the $100 million lost?

The cause of this is usually an allowance taken from free meals and rooms. They may have spent $300 million due to free accommodation and dining and made $200 million from food and beverage, and rooms, hence the $100 million loss.

However, while they may have lost $100 million from giving out free meals and providing free accommodation, this helped them increase their gaming revenues. This is because it is found that gamblers who are given these freebies are more likely to gamble.

As long as casinos choose gamblers that rarely win, then they’ll make a profit instead of losses.

Restaurants affect casinos more than you think, and it’s not all about keeping the stomachs of the customers full. If you ever enter the casino market, make sure to take this into consideration and don’t be afraid to take losses.

Award-Winning Casino Resorts with Top-Notch Dinner Entertainment

feature award winning casino resorts - Award-Winning Casino Resorts with Top-Notch Dinner Entertainment

The casino market had taken the form of many infrastructures, from casino restaurants to hotels. One of the most influential parts of the casino market are resorts, where people are provided with different types of entertainment, asides from the casino area itself.

In fact, for casino resorts that have top-notch entertainment, visitors might not even feel the need for rolling the dice or spinning the wheel.

This is one of the most prominent promotional tools of casino businesses. And today, we’ll look at the most well-known casino resorts that make use of this tactic in order to be successful in the gambling market.

Aria Resort and Casino

ARIA is located in the center of CityCenter boasting its unique and sustainable design. It is composed of three stories with a naturally lit casino.

They offer several entertainment venues such as nightclubs, lounges, luxury spa, pools, and top-notch dining experiences. The resort boasts an 80,000-square-foot spa and salon. It surely is entertainment fit for a king.


post Bellagio - Award-Winning Casino Resorts with Top-Notch Dinner Entertainment

Bellagio prides itself as the AA Five Diamond Award-winning hotel. Luxurious fabrics. Gorgeous colors. Attractive decor. What’s more, there are over 3,900 guest rooms and suites available only as an extension of the Las Vegas hotel.

There are also pools as well as courtyards for a romantic feel. Their spa and salon are 65,000-square-foot with various options in the menu of treatments.

Delano Las Vegas

post Delano Las Vegas - Award-Winning Casino Resorts with Top-Notch Dinner Entertainment

Delano Las Vegas is an all-suite hotel within the 43-story golden tower located at Mandalay Bay Resort Complex. The high-end design concept of the hotel makes its customized services better.

This casino resort is best known for bringing you to the famous Las Vegas Strip that appeals to every traveler around the globe.

Hotel Alfonso XIII

post Hotel Alfonso XIII - Award-Winning Casino Resorts with Top-Notch Dinner Entertainment

Hotel Alfonso XIII is considered as one of the most luxurious hotels ever to be built in Europe. It is located in the historic city of Seville and it was awarded as the CondeNast Traveler’s Gold Lists in 2004 and 2005, as well as Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Courtyards ideal for meetings as well as parties is available for visitors there.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is perhaps the most well-known casino resort in Vegas, with all the necessities and accommodations for visitors. Invigorating nightlife, live shows, access to the famous Las Vegas Strip, and more.

You’ll also find here the Grand Garden Arena, famous for hosting world-class boxing events as well as concert tours.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

post The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Award-Winning Casino Resorts with Top-Notch Dinner Entertainment

This casino resort is one of the newest in Las Vegas. While it’s not as great as the rest of this list, with their private terraces giving you access to the Las Vegas Strip, 3,000 residential-style rooms, 100,000-square-foot casino, spa, nightclub, and more, it’s definitely worth the praise.

It’s important to remember that casino games are not all that matters. These casino resorts are the kind that understands that fact and takes advantage of it. Now, they’ve become a dream come true for travelers around the world.

Highest-Grossing Casino Restaurants in the Market Featuring Menu Highlights

feature highest grossing casino resto - Highest-Grossing Casino Restaurants in the Market Featuring Menu Highlights

If you’ve only been to a casino once, or if you’re a beginner in casino management, it’s only natural to assume that casinos are all about putting all your money at risks in order to earn more.

Believe it or not, there’s more to casinos than that. In fact, in today’s casino market, dining and entertainment are more important than the game itself. What makes it so great is that you can eat what you can’t normally eat in other restaurants. Foods are more exotic.

Today we look at the casino restaurants that are in the top of the casino market, according to research done by the team.

Le Tren Bleu

This Italian restaurant is found in Place du Casino in Monte Carlo, with their speciality of Beef Fillet in a pepper sauce, costing $52.


post Nobu - Highest-Grossing Casino Restaurants in the Market Featuring Menu Highlights

Nobu is in the famous Caesars Palace in none other than Las Vegas, which is probably the reason why it’s the biggest Nobu branch. Their menu highlight is Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno for $28.

Robuchon Au Dome

In Macau’s Grand Lisboa Casino, you can dine in a three Michelin star casino restaurant while going with VIP gambling. Their gourmet menu consists of an appetizer, fish, soup, cheese, dessert, meat, coffee, all for $788.

Wicked Spoon

post Wicked Spoon - Highest-Grossing Casino Restaurants in the Market Featuring Menu Highlights

Wicked Spoon in Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas really sticks to the buffet style that Vegas restaurants are known for, with their all you can eat buffet for only $50.

Carnegie Deli

This restaurant is situated in Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, and their speciality is The Woody Allen sandwich featuring nine different kinds of meats, price depending on the meat.

Not only are the dining experiences exceptional, but their entertainment concepts are also top-notch. No wonder they are included in the highest-grossing casino restaurants around the world.

Casino Dining Won’t Be Complete Without These Wines

feature casino dinin wines - Casino Dining Won’t Be Complete Without These Wines

When you’re a wine lover, it’s only natural that you’re different from those who do not appreciate a fine wine, at least when it comes to judging wines. You can appreciate a good wine through the taste, the smell, the way it rolls over your tongue.

And if you’ve been to Las Vegas at least once, you probably enjoyed their wine. They put much effort and time into revising their wine that you’ll be surprised at how professionally served they are.

Here we look at the best wines that you can serve in your casino, if you’re a manager, or choose on a casino’s wine menu if you’re a regular gambler.

Rex Hill Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

If you’re more inclined with classic wine, then this one is for you. It comes from Oregon and it brings an earthy flavor that you’ll only experience from old wines. You can also enjoy plums, dark cherries, and blackberries.

Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Gris

post Willamette Valley - Casino Dining Won’t Be Complete Without These Wines

This wine is known for having a deep and rich flavor. There’s a hint of melons and pears, as well as floral touches that helps show the delightful flavor of a flowered garden.

Sonoma Vineyards Sonoma County Chardonnay

This is a chardonnay wine and it brings a fruity flavor, although what you’ll really recognize by drinking it is the flavor of the pears. While this flavor may overshadow the other fruits, it still provides a light flavor.

Vino Pinot Grigio

Vino Pinot Grigio is a fruit-based wine especially guava and you’ll find that this wine is best paired with fish, although you can’t help but enjoy it while you’re playing slots in the casino.

The Brander Vineyard Santa Ynez Valley Sauvignon Blanc

post The Brander - Casino Dining Won’t Be Complete Without These Wines

The name of this wine is long, but it’s only because it’s a combination of lots of flavors. While this bottle of wine may look simple, the contents are actually pretty complex. It boasts a dryness you won’t experience in any other wine.

Beringer California Cabernet Sauvignon

Another wine with a rich taste is Beringer California Cabernet Sauvignon. Blackberries, cherries, and a slight hint of oak. This wine is one of the most well-known in the United States.

For gamblers and wine lovers, nothing is better than having to experience the thrill of the casino while taking a sip from a glass of wine. What’s more, casinos are expanding their range of wines, which is great news for gamblers. If you’re in the casino market, we suggest you do the same, too.